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University Is Open on Tuesday; Only School of Nursing Is Closed

February 17, 2003
6:30 p.m.

To members of the Columbia University community:

As of this writing, on Monday evening, I expect that all schools of the University will be open and classes will be held as scheduled on Tuesday, February 18. We will continue to monitor weather conditions; if developments warrant a change in this decision, we will endeavor to announce such a change and post it to the Columbia Website by 8:00 Tuesday morning.

Due to limited staffing, some University services may be available on only a limited basis, and faculty who are unable to reach campus may find it necessary to cancel individual classes. The Columbia University Web site will provide information on any such cancellations or changes in services.

I hope the following information on classes and campus services will be helpful to you.


As always, to report an emergency, please call Security at x99, x45555, or 854-2797 on the Morningside campus, and 305-7979 on the Health Sciences campus.


Facilities Management personnel will continue to clear primary campus access routes through Tuesday. Until we are able to clear all pathways, secondary campus entrances will remain closed.


Columbia will hold classes as scheduled on Tuesday, February 18. Instructors who are unable to reach the campus should inform their departmental administrators, who are asked to notify the Office of the Registrar of the cancellation of individual classes. Registrar personnel will be available to accept cancellation notifications beginning at 6:45 a.m. on Tuesday and may be reached at 854-2567 or by e-mail at jmm95@columbia.edu.

Students may check the University Web site for information on individual class cancellations. Unless otherwise announced, though, all faculty, staff, and students should expect that classes will be held as scheduled.

Click to view information on individual class cancellations. Unless otherwise announced, though, all faculty, staff, and students should expect that classes will be held as scheduled.


We will seek to provide all University services -- such as Libraries, Dining and Health Services, Lerner Hall, and the Dodge Physical Fitness Center -- on their regular schedules on Tuesday, February 18. If information about operating hours or specific events changes, it will be posted on the Columbia Web Site.


All employees who are able to report to work for regularly scheduled shifts on Tuesday are expected to do so. Those who are unable to commute to campus should inform their supervisors and use vacation or comp time for missed work. Essential employees will report to work for their regular shifts or as otherwise directed by their supervisors. Employees who are unclear as to whether they are considered essential should check with their supervisors for direction.

Should changes in weather conditions warrant cancellation of classes after the posting of this memo, we will distribute such information via local television and radio stations, the Web, e-mail, and phone mail. Short of such a development, further announcements will be posted to the Web.

I understand that weather conditions have imposed substantial challenges for many of us, particularly for those who must commute long distances to campus. I encourage you to exercise your judgment regarding the safety of travel to and from campus as you make your plans for Tuesday. I also appreciate your patience and understanding as we clear the campus of snow and return to full operations following this unusually heavy snowstorm.

Robert Kasdin
Senior Executive Vice President

Published: Feb 18, 2003
Last modified: Feb 18, 2003

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