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Daniel Libeskind, Lead Architect for Rebuilding WTC Site, Says Project Should Be 'Something That Can Move Us Forward'

New York does not need "clever buildings," to replace the World Trade Center, New York needs "something that can move us forward. But we cannot obliterate the traumatic nature of the event, and the trauma is here to stay," said architect Daniel Libeskind in an art history and archaeology seminar on Art in Society in September. Libeskind, the son of Holocaust survivors and, the architect recently selected to lead the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site, said that "its not about winning a competition its about building the building that you think should be there and the public thinks should be there."

During his lecture, Libeskind described architecture as a communicative art that tells a story. He also discussed the importance of monuments, particularly the World Trade Center, through four of his earlier projects.

Click to view Libeskind's video lecture.

Published: Mar 03, 2003
Last modified: Mar 02, 2003

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