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Italian Academy Presents Exhibition by Painter Marta Dell'Angelo, April 25-May 15

On April 25, at 6:00 p.m., the Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America will host the opening an exhibition of works by Marta Dell'Angelo. She is the winner of Premio New York 2002, the first edition of a scholarship for young Italian artists sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Academy of Columbia.

The exhibition, which consists of 30 paintings, presents a series of portraits of young women in New York City. The anonymous, expectant faces have been removed from the waiting areas of typical New York settings, such as the subway, bus stop and library. The artist has gathered them together to create a new sort of waiting room, one that is defined only by the silence of looks and fixed stares in empty space.

Marta Dell'Angelo was born in 1970 in Pavia, Italy. In July 2000 her first personal exhibition was held at la Tartaruga di Plinio De Martiis Gallery. In 2002, along with Sara Rossi, Matteo Basile and Chiara, she won the first edition of Premio New York. In the same year she showed at Assab One in Milano, curated by Robert Pinto and Laura Garbarino, at Solitudes at Michel Rein Gallery in Paris and at the Le Case d'Arte di Pasquale Leccese Gallery in Milano, where she presented her work "Classe III H."

The exhibition will be on display at the Italian Academy, 1161 Amsterdam Avenue, through May 15. Exhibition hours are Wednesday - Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. For additional information, call 212-854-4437.

Published: Apr 24, 2003
Last modified: Apr 23, 2003

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