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Practical Information for Students and Faculty

Q: Will classes be canceled?

A: Columbia University will be open on Monday, April 18, and during the rest of the week, as usual. Students and faculty should consult their respective departments and programs about possible changes in class schedule or location. No courses will be canceled, but some classes may not meet during this week.


Q: Whom can students contact for information about their courses?

A: Students should contact faculty members, the department or the program.


Q: Will students receive grades?

A: Yes. The University is committed to ensuring that all students receive grades for this term.


Q: Should students continue to do assigned work during the week?

A: Students should complete all assignments, even if they are unable to hand them in until the following week.


Q: Can students expect their teaching fellows to be available to provide assistance during the week?

A: No. Students participating in the walkout have chosen not to engage in any academic activities during the week.


Q: Some graduate students have asked whether they are required to join the walkout. Is this so?

A: No. Students are not required to participate in the walkout, and we hope many students will choose not to do so.


Q: May faculty ask teaching fellows if they are joining the walkout?

A: Yes. Faculty members should also assure students that they will not be subject to any reprisals as a result of their answers to -- or decisions not to answer -- the question.


Q: May teaching fellows ask other graduate students to cover their sections or labs while they participate in the walkout?

A: No. Continuity of teaching is the responsibility of the faculty, departments and programs.


Q: What are the responsibilities of faculty members if graduate students refuse to carry out teaching responsibilities?

A: Faculty are responsible for their courses and for the continuity of instruction of the students. They are expected to take steps to ensure that grading continues and that student papers and exams are safeguarded.


Q: What should teaching fellows who participate in the walkout do with student materials such as papers or exams, in their possession, during the week?

A: If the instructor requests it, all graduate students are required to hand in all recorded grades and all ungraded material in their possession.

Q: What is the University's policy about holding classes or sections off campus?

A: The University has a strong interest in the continuation of instruction. Faculty who can make appropriate arrangements for teaching off campus are free to do so, but all faculty are expected to continue teaching regardless of whether or not they prefer to do so in space away from the campus.

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Published: Apr 15, 2005
Last modified: Apr 18, 2005

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