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Measuring the Muse: Arts Research from the Frontlines

No longer a policy afterthought, the arts have made a successful case in recent years for their importance as an industry and an aid to education. But what is the real value of creativity in the economy? How are artists and cultural institutions faring, and how are they affecting their communities across the United States? Are young people getting their information about books and music in fundamentally new ways? Is arts participation on the decline? What role does cultural journalism play in the swiftly evolving media landscape? All of the questions were explored in a recent panel discussion sponsored by the National Arts Journalism Program, Alliance for the Arts and Columbia University Arts Initiative, with support from the Wallace Foundation.


András Szántó, director, National Arts Journalism Program

Real Video (8:02)

Christine DeVita, president, The Wallace Foundation

Real Video (5:17)

Dana Gioia, chair, National Endowment for the Arts

Real Video (21:21)

Tom Bradshaw, director, research division of the NEA

Real Video (10:04)

Bonnie Nichols, program analyst, research division of the NEA

Real Video (4:46)

Randy Cohen, vice president of research and information, Americans for the Arts

Real Video (11:02)

Maria-Rosario Jackson, senior research associate, Urban Institute

Real Video (13:13)

Catherine Lanier, director of research, Alliance for the Arts

Real Video 9:30)

Robin Keegan, deputy director, Center for an Urban Future

Real Video (11:49)

Steven Tepper, associate director, Curb Center, Vanderbilt University

Real Video (10:08)

Andrew Tyndall, research consultant, National Arts Journalism Program

Real Video (13:13)

Tom Pollak, assistant director, National Center for Charitable Statistics, Urban Institute

Real Video (9:31)

Joni Cherbo, cultural policy coordinator, Americans for the Arts

Real Video (10:36)

Kevin McCarthy, senior social scientist, RAND Corporation

Real Video (18:06)

Karen Hauser, director of research, League of American Theatres and Producers

Real Video (9:11)

Joan Jeffri, director, Program in Arts Administration, Teachers College, Columbia University

Real Video (11:06)

Production Number: 362
Shot: May 5, 2005
Published: May 26, 2005
Last modified:Jun 01, 2005