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Cafe Science: How Much Is Nature Worth?

"The vast majority of things are worth something, a few things are worthless, and a few things are seemingly priceless. Where does nature fall in this spectrum – worthless, worth something, or priceless?" -- Shahid Naeem

Shahid Naeem considers how a team ecologists and economists derived a global estimate of Nature's worth in 1997, and what recent experiments tell us about one of the greatest scientific challenge we face in the modern world -- understanding how 15 million species make our biosphere an equitable place to live.

Naeem's discussion, held on August 24, 2006, was the third in a new series called Café Science. These modern-day salons provide an informal, relaxed setting offering an opportunity to talk about pioneering ideas and research with leading Columbia Scientists.



Shahid Naeem

Shahid Naeem
Real Video (53:40)

Question and Answer
Real Video (26:20)



Production Number: 461
Shot: August 24, 2006
Last modified:Nov 14, 2007