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December 2010 Highlights
The Record
Siddhartha Mukherjee (Image credit: Deborah Feingold)Physician Authors Biography of a Disease


In his new book, Siddhartha Mukherjee traces the history of cancer and the search for cures.

Columbia in the Headlines
A Toast to Gotham, Topped-Up
The Wall Street Journal, Dec. 4

Exchanging Slippers for Schoolbooks
The New York Times, Dec. 3

Inefficiency Hurts U.S. in Longevity Rankings
The New York Times, Nov. 29

The Professor of Micropopularity
The New York Times, Nov. 26

Prof. Charles Armstrong on North Korea
CNN, Nov. 24
Completed Northwest Corner Building, looking west from campus, December 2010 (Image credit: David Sundberg/Esto)
New Northwest Corner Building Creates Bridge Across Academic Fieldsvideo
Columbia dedicated its new interdisciplinary science and engineering building—architect Rafael Moneo's innovative design for collaborative research, teaching, study and public space. Forward
Columbia's Low Library (Image credit: Eileen Barroso/Columbia University)
Columbia Expands Fundraising Goal to $5 Billion
Now on track to reach its original $4 billion goal early, the University is extending the current campaign to support its mission of teaching, research, patient care and public service. Forward
A schematic of the soft phonon-mode in graphene. The undistorted graphene lattice is shown in yellow. (Image credit: Chris Marianetti)
Engineering Team Discovers Graphene's Weakness
Assistant professor Chris Marianetti, who studies graphene—the strongest material known to mankind—has discovered how and why it breaks. Forward
Officials in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, fear that the cholera epidemic could spread to temporary tent communities like the one shown here.
Strategies for Slowing Cholera's Spread in Haiti
Professor Richard Garfield argues that improved coordination and access to treatment are necessary to prevent catastrophic spread of cholera in earthquake-ravaged Haiti. Forward

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