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Provost Claude SteeleProvost's New Book Recounts Research on Identity's Impact


Provost Claude Steele has turned his groundbreaking exploration of "stereotype threat" into a new book, Whistling Vivaldi: And Other Clues to How Stereotypes Affect Us.

Columbia in the Headlines
Distinguished Speakers and Graduates Highlight Commencement Ceremonies (Image credit: Eileen Barroso/Columbia University)
Notable Speakers and Graduates Highlight Commencement Ceremonies
Columbia's undergraduate, graduate and professional schools, as well as affiliated institutions, held more than 20 graduation ceremonies from May 14 to May 19. Forward
Daniel and Gabriel Castillo
Twin Columbia Graduates Pursue Their Dream of Olympic Boxing Gold video
After graduating from Columbia College, twins Gabriel and Daniel Castillo are returning to the boxing ring with the goal of joining the Panama national team in the 2012 Olympics. Forward
Monique Tuyisenge-Onyegbula (Image credit: Monique Tuyisenge-Onyegbula)
A Witness to Four Wars, Columbia Graduate Focuses on Building Peace
U.S. Navy veteran Monique Tuyisenge-Onyegbula, graduate of the School of International and Public Affairs, will work to bring peace to the war-torn communities of her youth. Forward
Gal Bar Dea and Heather Gilmartin (Image credit: Gal Bar Dea (L), Heather Gilmartin (R))
Graduate Students Launch Platform to Foster Innovation in Peacekeeping
Gal Bar Dea and Heather Gilmartin, new Columbia graduates, explore international peace-building through their initiative, Students Participating in Resolving International Tensions. Forward
Artis Henderson (Image credit:
After a Painful Loss, Graduate Begins New Career in Journalism
Artis Henderson, Iraq war widow, will pursue her dream of working overseas after earning her degree from Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism. Forward
CBC Founder and Artistic Director, Victoria North; CBC Founder, Lydia Walker; CBC Founder, Emily Hayden; and Erin Duffy, GS student (Image credit: Columbia Ballet Collaborative)
Dancers Combine Love of Ballet With Academic Pursuits
The founders of the Columbia Ballet Collaborative, graduates of the School of General Studies, met the challenge of introducing ballet to the larger Columbia community. Forward

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