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  December 2013 Highlights  
A lifecast snake in a dish by French craftsman Bernard Palissy.
  Crafting the History of Science  
  History professor Pamela Smith started college thinking she would be a chemist. Then she took a course on the history and philosophy of science and "was just bowled over." Learn more about Smith’s work in helping establish Columbia’s new Center for Science and Society—and her innovative effort to give students a hands-on role in recreating that history. read more »  
  Two Faculty Books about the Creators of Tevye on the Page and Stage
Sholem Alecheim was one of the founding giants of modern Yiddish literature. His stories provided the basis for the musical Fiddler on the Roof. This fall, historian Jeremy Dauber published the first comprehensive English-language biography of the author within weeks of journalist Alisa Solomon’s new book on the creative team that later brought Tevye to life for audiences around the world. 
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  The Armory Show at 100 
Over 27 days in 1913, a half million New Yorkers came face-to-face with modern art for the first time. Now, the New York Historical Society is celebrating the exhibition’s centennial with The Armory Show at 100: Modern Art and Revolution. To place the show in its proper context, the NYHS enlisted history and American studies Professor Casey Nelson Blake. 
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  A Matter of Taste
Professor Charles Zuker, a member of the Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute and the Kavli Institute for Brain Science, has devoted his career to unraveling the neurobiology of the senses—especially taste. But he is quick to tell you that it’s not because of some inherent fascination with bitter, sweet and salty truths.
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  Classical Insanity
The examination of mental disorders isn’t only the domain of today’s psychiatrists and psychologists. History professor William Harris has spent his time in recent years studying his chosen field—the history of ancient Greece and Rome—through the lens of mental illness. 
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  Columbia in the News  
  Can the U.S. Find Consensus in Better Mental Health Access to Curb Gun Violence?  
  PBS Newshour, December 16  
  Prof. Shamus Khan: We Are Not All in This Together  
  The New York Times, December 14  
  Prof. John McWhorter: Is Texting Actually Advancing Language?  
  NPR, December 13  
  Prof. Edmund Phelps: How to Help Low-Wage Workers  
  The Washington Post, December 11  
  President Lee Bollinger & Marcus Brauchli (CC’ 83) Trade Can Break Down China’s Great Firewall  
  The Washington Post, December 10  
  Prof. Stephen Sestanovich: What Would Richard Holbrooke Do?  
  Politico Magazine, December 9  
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