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January 2013 Highlights
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Klaus LacknerRecapturing Carbon Dioxide From the Air


Prof. Klaus Lackner is developing technology to reduce levels of the harmful greenhouse gas.

Columbia in the Headlines
An electronic chip based on nanometer scale pores designed to study the properties of single biomolecules (Image credit: Jacob Rosenstein and Prof. Kenneth Shepard)
Nanotech's Next Frontier: Pioneering New Discoveries Across Disciplinesvideo
Columbia researchers are developing the next generation of electronics, medical devices and alternative energy sources from the tiniest components in nature. Forward
The Jan. 14 launch event featured panel discussions on the impacts of media on democracy and sustainable development in the region.
University Opens Its First Global Center in Africa
With the opening of the Global Center in Nairobi, Kenya, Columbians will have a new home base for engaging with the complex issues that confront a continent undergoing profound change. Forward
Motion picture magnate Mary Pickford (Image credit: Margaret Herrick, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Beverly Hills)
Go West Young Women: Historian's New Perspective on Early Hollywoodslideshow
History Professor Hilary Hallett's new book shines a fresh light on the leadership role that women played in the early years of the film industry in Hollywood. Forward
Young adult-born neurons (in red) have been engineered to express a protein called chanelrhodopsin, which enables researchers to selectively activate them and study their function in vivo.
Medical Center Identifies Role of Neuron Creation in Anxiety Disorders
New research suggests that drugs promoting the production of new neurons could play a role in potential treatments for anxiety disorders such as PTSD. Forward
Business School Panel Engages Debate Over Financial Regulation
Business School Panel Engages Debate Over Financial Regulationvideo
A new edition of the Fred Friendly Seminars brings together a diverse panel of economic experts to consider the "risky business" of financial innovation. Forward

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