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  October 2013 Highlights  
Mark Hansen
  Sandy, One Year Later: Insights from Columbia Researchers  
  Columbia experts from multiple schools and disciplines have played an important role in both explaining the destructive phenomenon of Hurricane Sandy and contributing to responses in its aftermath. On the anniversary of the superstorm, we meet just a few of the many faculty members researching issues of climate change, sustainability and resilience that are critical not only to our region, but to our world. read more »  
  Professor Farah Griffin's Harlem Nocturne 
The 1940s have always held a special allure for Farah Griffin, who grew up hearing stories that made those days seem glamorous and mysterious. The African American studies professor’s new book looks at three women artists who helped define Harlem’s creative life and progressive politics during the period.
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  What, Me Worry? 
Mad magazine cartoonist Al Jaffee and his wife Joyce have donated his archives to the Rare Book & Manuscript Library. The acquisition marks the latest step in the University’s support for research, teaching and learning with comics and graphic novels.
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  Economics and Society
Nobel laureate Edmund Phelps’ new book looks at how nations flourish. He is one of several faculty members offering new insights on the human side of economics. Professor of international and public affairs Christopher Blattman reveals the effectiveness of cash grants in Africa. Professor of social enterprise Ray Fisman examines the economics of a wide range of social behavior, from office life to speed dating.
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  The Mystery of Memory
In the search to understand the formation of long-term memory, Chemist Wei Min is looking at cells at the most basic level, before the formation of neurons and synapses. The assistant professor of chemistry and his team have developed a new optical imaging technique to pinpoint exactly how cells produce new proteins.
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  Columbia in the News  
  Prof. Radley Horton: Climate Change May Make Coastal Flooding Like Sandy's More Frequent  
  CBS News, October 28  
  New Technique Holds Promise for Hair Loss  
  The New York Times Online, October 21  
  Columbia to House a Trove of Prokofiev’s Items  
  The New York Times, October 17  
  Prof. Steven Bellovin: Why the Government's Healthcare Website Has so Many Problems  
  CNN, October 15  
  Profs. Eric Foner and Kara Walker Discuss the Film ‘12 Years a Slave’  
  The New York Times, October 11  
  Prof. Paulette Bernd: Learning Anatomy in a Digital Age  
  The Wall Street Journal, October 9  
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