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  April 2014 Highlights  
  James Shapiro’s New Anthology on Shakespeare in America  
  Professor James Shapiro is among the best known Shakespeare scholars in the world. His latest book, recently published to coincide with the Bard’s 450th birthday, is a 700-page collection of essays by scholars, novelists, film critics, poets and even politicians on the enduring role Shakespeare has played throughout U.S. history. read more »  
  How are we doing? Take the Record Survey  
  Simon Schama Tells the Story of the Jews in Print and on Air
After a distinguished career that has spawned numerous books and television series, University Professor Simon Schama is presenting his most personal project yet: The Story of the Jews, a two-volume book and five-hour PBS series covering some 3,000 years of Jewish history.
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  King's College circa 1776Slavery’s Role at Early U.S. Universities, Including Our Own
America’s earliest academies, like the nation itself, have a legacy of slavery woven into their founding fabric. MIT historian and Columbia alumnus Craig Steven Wilder recently returned to campus for a University forum about his new book documenting the extent to which elite colleges perpetuated and benefited from the slave economy. 
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  Testing the spire in Carlton LabEngineering an Earthquake to Stress-Test the National Cathedral
After an earthquake struck the Washington, D.C. area in 2011, engineering professor George Deodatis was enlisted to study the structure of the Washington National Cathedral. He and colleagues designed and tested a steel-enforced spire pinnacle to see if it could withstand vibrations like those that had damaged the cathedral's spires. 
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  Educating Young Minds at the Zuckerman Institute's Community Brain Expo
As part of Brain Month, local students and their parents came to Columbia University Medical Center to learn about the brain through demonstrations, experiments and activities. “Kids and adults alike are fascinated by the three-pound organ that rules the body,” said Kelly Remole, director of neuroscience outreach for the Mortimer B. Zuckerman Institute, which sponsored the event. 
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  Columbia in the News  
  Profs. Timothy Frye and Kimberly Marten: What Can History Teach Us About the Unrest in Ukraine?  
  PBS Newshour, April 27  
  President Lee C. Bollinger Comments on the Supreme Court Upholding Michigan's Affirmative Action Ban  
  NPR Morning Edition, April 23  
  Prof. Stephen Sestanovich on the Conflict in Ukraine  
  Charlie Rose, April 23  
  Prof. Vishaan Chakrabarti: America’s Urban Future  
  The New York Times, April 17  
  In Soho, Columbia Seeks to Jump-Start Entrepreneurs  
  The Wall Street Journal, April 7  
  Prof. John McWhorter: Like Degrading the Language? No Way  
  The New York Times, April 5  
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