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  November 2014 Highlights  
Valor Etched Into History
  General Studies Student Joseph Bacani Graces New Memorial Honoring Disabled Veterans  
  Discharged from the Army with permanent wounds seven years after a sniper’s bullet shot through his pelvis during a foot patrol in Baghdad, Joseph Bacani is one of some 560 Iraq and Afghanistan-era military veterans enrolled at Columbia this year—300 of them as undergraduates at the School of General Studies. While they join other Columbians in preparing for future success and service, Bacani will also remain an enduring symbol of the nation’s military history in Washington, D.C. read more »  
  Columbia Experts Tackle Many Aspects of Ebola
From the leading virologists at the Medical Center to students at Morningside Heights, Columbians are taking on the challenge of Ebola in what The New Yorker called the “Dept. of Solutions.” For example, at Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health, researchers led by Jeff Shaman have developed a computer model that tracks and forecasts the growth of Ebola cases in West Africa. 
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  An Eclectic Path to Precision Medicine
Dr. Stephen Emerson, director of Columbia’s Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center, explains his uncommon career trajectory, which includes the presidency of Haverford College, and the ways Columbia researchers are increasingly fighting disease by targeting a patient’s genome. 
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  How Do You Cover Stories in Conflict Zones? ‘Prepare, Prepare, Prepare’
Journalists around the world put their lives and safety at risk in order to cover the news. Columbia Journalism School’s continuing education workshop on Reporting Safely in Conflict Zones teaches reporters, producers and photographers how to operate with caution in volatile situations by assessing risk, preventing assault and dealing with trauma. 
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  Mapping the World’s Cultural Treasures
When Professor of Ancient Near Eastern Art and Archaeology Zainab Bahrani traveled to Iraq a decade ago, she realized that it was crucial to document the extensive damage to the country’s cultural treasures caused by years of war. She then set out to create a detailed digital compendium of the region’s threatened monuments and great architectural works. 
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  Scholarships for Local Students Honor Two Distinguished Alumni
Albert Thompson and Carlos Muñoz once lived on the same block of West 116th street in Harlem. Now their names are linked in the financial aid program that identifies 40 students from our local community who show great promise. The Thompson-Munoz Scholars is just one part of the University’s commitment to ensuring that a Columbia education is available to the widest socio-economic diversity of students. 
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  Columbia in the News  
  Prof. Sheen S. Levine: Why More Diversity on Wall Street Might Fight Bubbles  
  The New York Times, The Upshot, November 17  
  Prof. Richard Ford Says 'Let Me Be Frank' About Aging And Dying  
  NPR, Fresh Air, November 12  
  Prof. Larry Abbott: Learning How Little We Know About the Brain
  The New York Times, November 10  
  From Blue Bleach To Hazmat Hacks, Students Take On Ebola Challenges  
  NPR, November 6  
  8 Million Rats for 8 Million New Yorkers? Data Suggest a City Legend Is Flawed
  The New York Times, November 5  
  Dept. of Solutions: All Hands on Deck  
  The New Yorker, October 27  
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