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  October 2014 Highlights  
Cheering graduating students
  Walter Mischel's New Book on the Power of Self-Control   
  Walter Mischel, the psychologist renowned for the groundbreaking study known as the “marshmallow test,” has finally decided to tell the story of that research for a general audience. He describes how his daughters inspired him to study self-control in preschoolers. read more »  
  Columbia Faculty Discuss the Issues in the Upcoming Election
In a turbulent world, what is driving some voters to the polls more than others and what might the results mean for such issues as the economy, national security, health care reform and more? The Record asked several Columbia experts for their views.
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  Changing Nature: Ruth DeFries Studies How Humans Transform the Earth
Environmental geographer Ruth DeFries’ new book The Big Ratchet: How Humanity Thrives in the Face of Natural Crisis traces the resiliency of the human species over 10,000 years of environmental change. 
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  Brown Institute Launches Creative Space
The David and Helen Gurley Brown Institute for Media Innovation officially opened Sept. 16 in its new space in the Journalism School’s Pulitzer Hall. A collaboration between the Journalism School and Stanford Engineering, the Brown Institute was founded with the mandate to invent and apply cutting-edge technology to journalism and storytelling. 
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  Law School Professor's Commitment to Immigrant Children
Elora Mukherjee discusses her role leading the Law School’s immigrants’ rights clinic, which among other things, represents children who crossed the southern U.S. border without a parent or guardian. 
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  Morningside Lights: An Illuminated Odyssey
Hundreds of people held aloft glowing lanterns honoring African American artist Romare Bearden during the third annual Morningside Lights procession. This year’s theme was Odysseus on the A Train, part of a yearlong celebration on campus of Bearden and his iconic 1977 collage series, A Black Odyssey
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  Columbia in the News  
  Prof. Ian Lipkin: Rats and Their Alarming Bugs  
  The New York Times, October 14  
  David Phillips: Turkey's Reluctant Fight Against ISIS  
  The Takeaway, October 14  
  Prof. Siddhartha Mukherjee: How to Quarantine Against Ebola  
  The New York Times, October 13  
  New York City Could Get as Hot as Alabama in 2050  
  WNYC, October 12  
  Prof. Chou Wen-chung: Modern Voice, Ancient Origins  
  The New York Times, September 30  
  Building a Monument to Wounded Warriors  
  CBS News, September 28  
  Top Colleges That Enroll Rich, Middle Class and Poor  
  The New York Times, September 9  
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