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Columbia News photo gallery for the year of 2000

(Nov. 10, 2000)

Columbia's newest eatery: Ferris Booth Commons in Alfred Lerner Hall.

Columbia's newest eatery is Ferris Booth Commons in Alfred Lerner Hall. The facility offers an array of vistas as well as a variety of food.
(Photos by Eileen Barroso)

(Oct. 17, 2000)

Summer Ecosystem Experiences in Brazil

Half a dozen students participated in the Summer Ecosystem Experiences for Undergraduates (SEE-U) program, which was created this past summer by the Center for Environmental Research and Conservation (CERC) and the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL). The program was inaugurated in three locations: Cornwall, New York, at Black Rock Forest; Oracle, Arizona, at the Biosphere 2 Center, and São Paulo Sate, Brazil, at research sites -- Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas (IPÊ), a research partner of CERC. These are some images of the SEE-U students from the Brazil site.
(Photos by Robert DeMicco, CERC)

(Oct. 13, 2000)
Biosphere 2: One of the Largest Living Laboratories in the World

Columbia University's Biosphere 2 Center near Tucson, Arizona is one of the largest living laboratories in the world. It is an airtight greenhouse covering 3.15 acres, and it contains several different biomes -- a rainforest, a million-gallon saltwater ocean, a coastal fog desert, and four other wilderness ecosystems. Researchers use the biomes to experiment on Earth systems on a relatively large scale. Last December, Columbia announced its plan to enlarge Biosphere 2 to accommodate 350 students and expand the size of program offerings at the campus.
-- Photos by Robert DeMicco, CERC
(Sept. 13, 2000)
Columbia Hosts 5 Presidents and a King
Last week, Columbia played host to the presidents of Romania the Czech Republic, Hungary, Indonesia and Sierra Leone and the king of Jordan. The world leaders were in New York for the Millennium Summit at the United Nations.
(Sept. 07, 2000)
The Class Of 2004 Entered Columbia After The University's Most Elaborate Orientation Program
The Class of 2004, which will graduate during the Columbia's 250th anniversary year, recently went through first-year orientation, which included a student performance called "Class Acts," a procession to mark the class's first official campus entrance as Columbians, and a cruise on the Circle Line.
(Aug. 02, 2000)
Summer High School Program Celebrates Summer of Learning (and Fun!)

Continuing Education and Special Programs' Summer Program for High School Students celebrated the end of four weeks of learning-and fun. More than 750 high-schoolers from around the world took classes in their areas of interest, choosing from such courses as "Power, the President and the Constitution," "Explorations in Genetics and Molecular Biology, "and an intensive Creative Writing workshop. After class, they gathered together to enjoy Columbia's campus and the city around them. Friday, marked the end of a successful summer in the city with a goodbye barbecue that featured a live band.
Learn more about the High School Programs.
(Photos by Abby Beshkin and Jason Hollander)
(Jul 25, 2000)

Columbia's Morningside Heights campus is graced by many works of art. Following are examples of some of the plaques, paintings and historic memorabilia easily accesible to the public.
(Photos by Eileen Barroso)

(Jul 12, 2000)

Columbia's Morningside Heights campus is graced by many works of art. Following are examples of some of the major sculptures easily accesible to the public.

(Photos by Eileen Barroso)

(Jun 07, 2000)
Columbia College alumni and their families came to campus for the recent Reunion Weekend

Columbia College alumni returned to campus for Reunion Weekend (June 2-4). In addition to the social activities and tours of new facilitates such as Lerner Hall and the Milstein Family Library, the returning alumni enjoyed a number of panel discussions ranging from e-commerce and e-journalism to the national and local political landscape to the architectural history of Morningside Heights.

(May 18, 2000)
Columbia Celebrates Banner 2000 Commencement

Columbia Celebrates Banner 2000 Commencement On May 17, Commencement Day, more than 30,000 guests attended the 246th academic year graduation ceremonies at Columbia University. It was a day of congratulations, celebrations and fanfare for 9,200 delighted graduates. (The commencement web video can be seen by clicking here).

(May 15, 2000)
The Campus In Bloom

Spring came late to the New York region this year, but once it arrived, the campus bloomed.

(May 01, 2000)
International Fair

The Red Balloon Day Care Center recently held its annual International Fair on Low Plaza.

(Apr 20, 2000)
Biology Students Sample Fruits Of The World In Class On Economic Botany

Biology students sampled fruits from around the world in Prof. Michael J. Balick's CERC class, "Economic Botany: The Study of People and Plants." The selection, which received mixed reviews from students, featured Jamaican hibiscus tea and Asian durian, also known as "stinkfruit."

(Apr 14, 2000)
1,000 Students Volunteer For Columbia Community Outreach Day

On Saturday, April 8, more than 1,000 volunteers from Columbia united with their New York City neighbors in the spirit of community service for the third annual Columbia Community Outreach, a student-organized event. Volunteers--including President George Rupp--cleaned parks, renovated buildings and re-painted school classrooms in Upper Manhattan.
(Photos by Joyce Culver)

(Apr 03, 2000)
Acceptance Letters: Class of 2004

Another record year in undergraduate admissions resulted in the joyous task on March 31 of sending off acceptance letters to the Class of 2004. The new record in the number of applications to Columbia's undergraduate schools approached 16,000 this year, which is double the amount received just ten years ago. Admissions officers and student volunteers pitched in to load the acceptance packets into UPS trucks on College Walk. Next fall's first-year class in Columbia College will be the most selective and the largest in the college's history.
(Photos by Amy Callahan)

(Mar. 16, 2000)
Columbia Scholastic Press Association

A three-day conference hosted by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association offered students from more than 500 high schools in 30 states practical journalism workshops as well as the opportunity to meet industry professionals from such national publications as The New York Times and Time Magazine. In their free time, the students enjoyed Columbia's Morningside Heights campus.
(photos by Eileen Barroso)

(Feb 28, 2000)
Campus Dining

From cappuccino cafes and sandwich deli counters, to Faculty House buffets and wood-paneled undergraduate dining halls, Columbia offers an array of dining options. Pictured here is fresh fruit served at Faculty House.
(photos by Eileen Barroso)

(Feb 07, 2000)
Columbia's Power Plant

Deep in the belly of the Shapiro Center for Engineering and Physical Science Research (CEPSR), two floors below ground level under classrooms and studying students, lies the Columbia University power plant, a facility responsible for the heating and cooling of more than 60 buildings on campus.
(photos by Eileen Barroso)

(Jan 26, 2000)
Storm of the Millennium

During the third week of January New York and Columbia were hit by the first snow storms of the new millennium.
(photos by Eileen Barroso)

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