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Visual Arts Students Display Their Work During Open Studio Event
Photos by Michael Dames

On Dec. 15, 46 MFA candidates in the Visual Arts Division of Columbia's Graduate School of the Arts opened their studios to the public. During this event, artists were on hand to greet visitors and discuss their work in an informal setting, providing the kind of contact and exchange rarely found in a gallery setting.

"This gives a chance for the students to turn the private space of their studio into a public forum for the day, to get feedback from the other students in the University and the arts community in New York," said Jon Kessler, chair of the Visual Arts Division. "In turn, it gives the outside a chance to come in and experience the incredible vitality and richness of talent and ideas that our students in the program share with each other."

The Visual Arts Division's alumni include some of today's most interesting emerging artists, including ChanShatz, Sue De Beer and Tim Gardner.

Published: Jan 09, 2002
Last modified: Sep 18, 2002