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Columbia News photo gallery for the year of 2006

diamond graphic (Dec 15, 2006)
Havel at ColumbiaHavel at Columbia, Fall 2006
Columbia's current crop of 21st century undergrads might be too young to remember the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War—but after spending seven weeks on campus with former Czech President and renowned playwright Václav Havel, they will be able to look back and remember the opportunity they had to learn about these monumental events from one of the 20th century's most inspirational figures himself.
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diamond graphic (Oct 06, 2006)
Redemption, The Last Battle of the Civil War, by Nicholas LemannColumbia Convenes Annual World Leaders Forum
Video Highlights Now Available Online
The first round of Columbia University World Leaders Forum events, featuring heads of state and thought leaders from around the globe, is now available in video on the Forum's Web site.
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diamond graphic (Sep 01, 2006)
Students Arrive Class of 2010 Arrives
It’s an event that everyone remembers: moving into your dorm room to begin your first year of college. You can still recall the awkwardness of meeting your roommate for the first time, the dismay of finding out you haven’t packed enough hangers, the fear—and the thrill—of saying good-bye to your parents to begin a new life.
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(May 23, 2006)
2006 Commencement Photo Gallery
On May 17, Columbia held commencement exercises for its 252nd academic year. More than 30,000 students, alumni, faculty and guests gathered on the Morningside campus for the ceremony.
(May 17, 2006)
Art Garfunkel Receives Award from Varsity Show
The Columbia University Varsity Show recently presented the third annual I.A.L. Diamond Award to Art Garfunkel.
Photos by Michael Dames
(Feb 28, 2006)
20 Visual Artists Showcased in First Major Alumni Exhibition
The first-ever retrospective of School of the Arts (SOA) alumni work, From Postwar to Postmodernism: Three Decades of Columbia Visual Artists, was held at the LeRoy Neiman Gallery from Feb. 28 to March 10, 2006. At the show's opening reception, visual arts chair Gareth James said that the wide variety of works on display attested to SOA's greatest strength: encouraging its M.F.A. students to become the best artists they can be. Dan Kleinman, SOA acting dean, praised the exhibition for enriching the ties between current and former students. The visual arts program is so vibrant now, he said. This program is something its alumni can be proud of. The work of six of the artists is shown here.
Photos by Scott Hug
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