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(Jun 11, 2002)
2002 Commencement Ceremony Reflected on Past Year and Celebrated the Future
The steps of Low Library turned blue under an equally blue sky as more than 10,000 students robed in Columbia blue and white graduated during the 2002 Commencement ceremony on May 22.
Photos by Eileen Barroso
(Mar 22, 2002)
Greater Manhattan North to South
The City of New York is home to a remarkable number of cultural and historical sites and recreational activities. This photo gallery provides a sampling of the highlights of Greater Manhattan, from the George Washington Bridge in the north to Ellis Island in the south. Although located in the Bronx, what sampling of New York City would be complete without an image of Yankee Stadium?
Photos by Eileen Barroso
(Jan 09, 2002)
Visual Arts Students Display Their Work During Open Studio Event
On Dec. 15, 46 MFA candidates in the Visual Arts Division of Columbia's Graduate School of the Arts opened their studios to the public. During this event, artists were on hand to greet visitors and discuss their work in an informal setting, providing the kind of contact and exchange rarely found in a gallery setting.

"This gives a chance for the students to turn the private space of their studio into a public forum for the day, to get feedback from the other students in the University and the arts community in New York," said Jon Kessler, chair of the Visual Arts Division. "In turn, it gives the outside a chance to come in and experience the incredible vitality and richness of talent and ideas that our students in the program share with each other."

The Visual Arts Division's alumni include some of today's most interesting emerging artists, including ChanShatz, Sue De Beer and Tim Gardner.

Photos by Michael Dames
(Dec 20, 2001)
Campus Finds Comfort in Tree-Lighting, Yule Log
With temperatures hovering in the sixties, it felt like this year's fourth annual tree-lighting ceremony was celebrating the arrival of spring rather than the winter holiday season. But the festive scene created by a packed College Walk-filled with students, administrators, faculty and alumni-was a much needed break from the the residual stress of the 9/11 attacks and the war on terrorism.
Photos by Eileen Barroso
(Oct. 12, 2001)
Lions Pre-season Training Took Place in Hightstown,N.J.
This weekend the Lions put their hopes on record-breaking Johnathan Reese as they try to upset last season's Ivy League champion, Penn Quakers. The photo gallery depicts the Lions' pre-season training, which took place from Aug. 22 to 30 in Hightstown, NJ.
By Eileen Barroso
(Sept. 10, 2001)
Harlem in Transition Documented by Barnard Faculty Member at the Neiman Center
Alice Attie, fine art photographer and poet who is on the faculty member at Barnard College, began to document the closing of small neighborhood shops in Harlem and the appearance of large corporate retailers in 2000. This evolved into a photographic statement on the fragility of the urban landscape in transition. Her exhibition, "Harlem," opened at the LeRoy Neiman Center in Dodge Hall on Aug. 27 and will run through Sept. 12.
(Photos by Alice Attie)
(Sept. 06, 2001)
Columbia University Welcomes the Class of 2005
Columbia University opened its gates to the Class of 2005 during orientation from Aug. 28 to Sept. 3. As members of the incoming class moved in, they took part in student panels, workshops, welcomes and a lunch on Hamilton lawn before saying good-bye to their families. The first day was followed by a array of on and off-campus activities, including morning runs, walking tours of the campus, academic planning sessions, library and computer sessions, tours of the city s major museums, an evening film, ultimate frisbee and kickboxing.
(Photos by Eileen Barosso and John Smock)
(Aug. 27, 2001)
GSAS Summer Research Interns
Fourteen undergraduate students from ten colleges participated in the 2001 GSAS, Minority Affairs Summer Research Program for Students from Historically Under-represented Groups. The interns participated in eight weeks of research in the sciences and the humanities under faculty mentors.
(Photos by Hank Randall and Roy Middleton)
(Aug. 11, 2001)

At Columbia Jazz Brings Upper Manhattan Together

Some scholars say America's jazz greats adopted the sounds of the many places they played and blended these sounds with their own voice to create new "living" music. If this is true, following the Aug. 11 Verizon music festival concert at Columbia University, Abbey Lincoln, Wayne Shorter, James Carter, and other contemporary jazz musicians left with a touch of the campus and Upper Manhattan in their music
(Photos by Joyce Culver)

(Aug. 07, 2001)
A Photographic Exhibition Celebrates Scenes from Two Great Jazz Cities
A photographic exhibition, "Jazz in the City: New Orleans and Harlem," with scenes from two great jazz cities, will run Aug. 8 to 23 in the LeRoy Nieman Center in Dodge Hall. It brings the work of photographers Michael P. Smith and Gerald Cyrus to Columbia.
(Photos by Michael P. Smith and Gerald Cyrus)
To know more about the photographers, click here.
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