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Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning Supports Digital Innovation in Classroom-Based Teaching and Learning

CCNMTL-Developed Projects and Tools

This is a sampling of the more than 800 Columbia courses that contain Web content and some of the digital tools developed of CCNMTL to enhance the classroom experience.

Course Websites

Human Rights Practicum
Peter Danchin, lecturer in international and public affairs and director, Human Rights Program

Jazz and American Culture
Robert O'Meally, Zora Neale Hurston Professor of English, Department of English and Comparative Literature

The Opera
Susan Boynton, assistant professor, Department of Music

Contemporary Civilization (Section 12)
Amy Schindler, graduate assistant, Department of Sociology

GIS for the Environment
Yuri Gorokhovich, adjunct assistant professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering/Henry Krumb School of Mines

Theory and Practice in the Sociology of Culture
Priscilla Ferguson, professor, Department of Sociology

Thinking and Decision Making
Elke Weber, professor, Department of Psychology

Environmental and Evolutionary Biology I
Robert Pollack, professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Calculus IIS
Sorin Popescu and Lev Borisov, Joseph F. Ritt Assistant Professors, Department of Mathematics

U.S. Science and Technology Policy
Michael Crow, executive vice provost and professor of international and public affairs

Introduction to Literary Study: American Literature
Dohra Ahmad, instructor, Department of English and Comparative Literature

The Life and Literature of Marcel Proust
Jerome J. Cornette, preceptor, Department of French and Romance Philology

Multimedia Study Environments

The Souls of Black Folk

The Tragedie of King Lear

Television's Screens: Hegemony in Transition


Brownfield Action

The Heart Simulation


Created through a research and development project for Columbia Digital Knowledge Ventures

The Shakespearean Sonnet and the Modern Voice

"Pops," Out Here in the Cause of Happiness: The Story of Louis Armstrong

W.E.B. Du Bois and the Black Experience

Understanding Environmental Sustainability

The Impact of Technology on the Legal Profession

Communications Solutions

Third Space


CU Analyzer

Digital Archives

The Sonic Glossary

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