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Columbia Digital Knowledge Ventures Builds Bridges Between Columbia and the Outside World

Columbia Interactive Showcases Digital Content Developed by Columbia's Scholarly Community

Over the years Columbia's academic community has used digital technologies to produce an extraordinary array of online resources. While most of them are free and accessible to the public, it can be difficult to locate them among millions of pages of University content. Now there is a new window into Columbia that organizes the University's digital content in one place for easier access.

Columbia Interactive, a new website accessible from the Columbia Homepage, organizes Columbia's digital content and offers the academic community and general public a single access to a number of Columbia course websites, digital learning tools, online resource materials, campus e-journals and online semester-length courses. It is also the place to premiere newly developed e-seminars featuring Columbia's distinguished faculty.

"When you enter Columbia Interactive, it is like walking into Columbia University," said G. Todd Hardy, executive director and president of Columbia Digital Knowledge Ventures (Columbia DKV), the University organization responsible for the development of Columbia Interactive and which is helping the University to create innovative online educational resources, such as e-seminars, for use by an audience outside campus. "For the first time, visitors to the Columbia Homepage can tap into volumes of knowledge created at the University, by browsing or searching content that has been organized to make it easier to find. People inside and outside the University can better utilize and share in a vast collection of digital tools and resources available through Columbia."

The site contains links to
  • More than 500 class websites
  • 300 learning tools, Web-based tools developed by faculty and students to enhance the classroom learning experience
  • Dozens of online learning experiences that feature Columbia faculty members, including e-seminars, that are free to the Columbia community (available to the general public for a moderate fee)
  • More than 500 interviews, articles, videos and conferences featuring Columbia faculty
  • 30 e-journals and newsletters produced by Columbia faculty and students
  • Access to more than 30,000 citations of Columbia University dissertations going back to 1872.

Faculty can have sites added or removed by emailing

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