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Columbia Digital Media Brings Free E-Learning Benefits, More Resources to Columbia Students

As Columbia digital media grows, so does student access to some of the world's leading thinkers. Columbia's three digital media organizations bring the following benefits to students:

CCNMTL provides students with

  • Enhanced classroom experiences through online multimedia archives, study environments and other interactive tools
  • Easier, better connections with faculty and fellow students through bulletin boards or course chat rooms
  • New online tools, such as CU Analyzer, that support study and research
  • Content-rich resources that offer additional information and sources for course assignments.

Through Columbia DKV, Columbia students can

  • Gain free access to Columbia DKV e-seminars to learn more about topics taught at Columbia
  • Reach more sources for research through Columbia Interactive, an organized body of Columbia's digital content
  • Collaborate with faculty and students at Columbia and beyond, through a variety of online learning experiences
  • Incubate a digital media company based on a new online tool or educational software.

On Fathom, Columbia students can

  • Discover cutting-edge ideas from 13 cultural and educational institutions and their leaders in specific fields through free articles, interviews, e-seminars and short e-courses
  • Discover books recommended by experts
  • Gain free access to online learning
  • Access more than 85,000 reference entries from top sources
  • Explore for-fee online courses for credit from Columbia and other institutions.
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