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Foreign Correspondents Describe How They Covered the September 11 Attacks

New York based foreign correspondents discussed their coverage of the September 11 attacks at a "SIPA Responds" panel. The participants included Kirill Voronin, Tribuna, Russia; Koichi Sakai, Nikkei, Japan; Khalil Matar, Middle East Broadcasting Corporation, and Verena Lueken of Frankfurter Allgemeine of Germany.

Kirill Voronin

Kirill Voronin discusses the Russian public's response following September 11, according to a readership poll where a majority of Russians felt sympathy for the United States but a third believed the attack was the result of American policy in the Middle East.

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Koichi Sakai

Koichi Sakai explains that the Japanese believe in using financial force to counter terrorism, cutting off the money flow and exchanging financial information on terrorists.

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Khalil Matar

Giving a Middle Eastern perspective, Khalil Matar discusses reporting on the event with the logical conclusion that the September 11 attack, unlike some acts that may be considered legitimate acts of resistance, was a terrorist act in light of the gravity of the devastation.

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Verena Kueken

Verena Lueken explains that the German public's initial sympathy after September 11 turned to scrutiny of American foreign policy with the question "What did the West do to provoke such acts?" being raised in the press.

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Published: Oct. 24, 2001
Last modified:Sep 18, 2002