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CJR Panel Explores Domination of Conglomerate News Chains in Media Environment

As part of Columbia Journalism Review's 40th anniversary celebration, "CJR: 40 Years of Change," Bill Moyers moderated a Nov. 15 panel discussion of four journalists to discuss how Sept. 11 and other events and stories over the past 40 years have shaped today's journalism. From Sept. 11, Moyers moved the discussion further into the past and observed how out of it has emerged an environment largely dominated by a handful of conglomerate news chains. The panel examined what impact such corporations are having. The panelists then discussed how they would define failure and success in the industry, and how they could uphold the integrity of their profession without succumbing to outside pressures.
Opening remarks were provided by David Laventhol, CJR publisher, and Tom Goldstein, dean of the Graduate School of Journalism. Panelists included Katherine Boo, Pulitzer prize-winning staff writer for "The Washington Post" ; Joan Konner, former television news producer and dean emerita and professor of Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism; Ann Moore, executive vice president for Time Inc., and Gerald Boyd, managing editor for "The New York Times."

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Published: Nov. 28, 2001
Last modified:Sep 18, 2002