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Conference Explores Impact of Sept. 11 on Financial Communications and Information Systems

A joint conference of Columbia's Business School and the London School of Economics explores how communications and information systems in the financial industry are impacted by catastrophic events such as the attacks of Sept. 11 and how those events influence future systems developments.

Andy Snow

Andy Snow, Georgia State University, describes how Sept. 11 was a catalytic event that will impact telecommunications systems in the future. Snow believes we will move from our current configuration of choice, a centralized architecture where off-site locations provide 100 percent redundancy, t o more distributed architectures that can support the distribution of people to decrease the risk of outages.

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Eli Noam

Eli Noam, Columbia Business School, explains that Sept. 11 was a tested the limits of our communications systems where the results were mixed, some things working well, some not expected to work well and others not working effectively. Noam notes that we cannot invest out way out of making communications and information networks robust. In a crisis bad news travels fast as it did on Sept. 11 when everyone on the planet found out the news within in minutes.

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Jonathan Liebenau

Jonathan Liebenau, London School of Economics, who has studied the effects and the lessons of the London bombings of 1992 and 1993, explores the expected strategic responses of the London experience in the aftermath of Sept. 11. He argues that in the London bombings not everyone learned what they said they had learned and not everyone implemented what they said they would implement.

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Paul Rappoport

Paul Rappoport, Temple University, discusses the activity on Internet news sites on Sept. 11 as representing a new channel of access. Rappoport cites that on the day of the attacks all news sites experienced a tremendous increase in visits with 45% all American households with Internet connections were plugged into news sites.

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Thomas Dunleavy

Thomas Dunleavy, Commission of New York State Public Service Commission, discusses the creation of a New York City partnership in the early 1990's that studied the possibility of a catastrophic interruption to the telecommunications system and prescribed a response for maintaining network reliability. However, Dunleavy points out that the partnership did not anticipate an event like Sept. 11.

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Published: Nov. 06, 2001
Last modified:Sep 18, 2002