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Technology Can Be Used to Improve Energy Efficiency; Compliance Is the Issue

Technology can be used to make energy efficiency gains on both the demand and the supply side but, by-and-large, people are still not using technology to lower demand, said Ashok Gupta, program director at Air and Energy Program, Natural Resources Defense Council. Gupta and Mirka Della Cava, project manager at International Energy Studies Group, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, were part of the SIPA's Center for Energy, Marine Transportation and Public Policy's forum on "Energy Efficiency Programs and Policies: Benefits at Home and Abroad."

Ashok Gupta

New technologies and new policies must be looked at to reduce energy consumption and achieve gains in efficiency according to Gupta. For example, to reduce petroleum dependence in the transportation sector, it would be important to consider issues such as community growth and planning, vehicle design and alternative fuels.

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Mirka Della Cava

In working to promote energy efficiency standards for home appliances in developing countries, setting standards now would reduce energy use in the future in countries where the local populations are just beginning to use many modern appliances, said Della Cava.

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Published: Dec. 19, 2001
Last modified:Sep 18, 2002