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George Rupp, Kofi Annan and Charles Schumer Honored by Institute of International Education

President George Rupp, along with Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan and Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY), were honored at a black-tie dinner on Nov. 27 at the Plaza Hotel for their support of international exchange. The event also raised money for the Institute of International Education (IIE), which administers the Fulbright exchange program and helps corporations and foundations develop and manage scholarship and training programs.

Charles Schumer

Introduced by Tom Russo, vice-chairman of Lehman Brothers, Senator Charles Schumer spoke of how September 11 forced us to think about the need for international understanding. "Tragically, we now have witnessed how devastating the lack of international understanding can be," he said.

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George Rupp

Following an introduction by Tilden LeMelle, President Emeritus of the University of the District of Columbia and a member of the IIE Board of Trustees, President George Rupp made reference to the long historic relationship between Columbia and the IIE. As a son of immigrants, Rupp then described the importance of international exchange on a personal level, describing his family as "thoroughly international."

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Kofi Annan

Introduced by Susan Berresford, President of the Ford Foundation, Kofi Annan, noting that it is more important than ever to promote understanding and tolerance in order to achieve world peace, praised the IIE in its mission to build a more peaceful world through educational exchange. "Today we know that as no nation is immune from conflict and suffering, no nation can defend itself alone. We need each other as friends, as allies, as partners in struggles for common values and common needs." Globalization, migration, economic integration, communications and travel are bringing races and ethnic groups into ever closer contact, according to Annan.

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Published: Dec. 04, 2001
Last modified:Sep 18, 2002