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Barnard Forum Discusses History of Violence in Different Religious Traditions

A community forum explores the landscape of religious violence amongst different traditions from Jihadi movements to Christian fundamentalists. Panelists include E. Valentine Daniel, professor of anthropology, Columbia; Janet Jakobsen, director of the Center for Research on Women, Barnard; Neguin Yavari, professor of religion, Columbia; Peter Awn, professor of religion and dean of School of General Studies, Columbia; Richard Bulliet, professor of history, Columbia, and Saeed Shafqat, professor of Pakistan studies, Southern Asian Institute. The panel was moderated by Jack Hawley, professor of religion, Barnard.

E. Daniel Valentine

E. Daniel Valentine explains the background of the animosity between Hindu fundamentalists and Buddhist fundamentalists in Sri Lanka, a relatively new phenomenon.

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Janet Jakobsen

Janet Jakobsen sheds light on America's long history of Christian terrorism that continues today, organized along the lines of gender and sexuality.

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Neguin Yavari

Neguin Yavari describes how the Jihad has evolved from relative unimportance to great importance in the Islamic religion over the years.

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Peter Awn

Peter Awn explains that in all religions revivalist movements display certain commonalities, which includes acting aggressively against enemies considered to be morally corrupt.

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Richard Bulliet

Richard Bulliet argues that the attack of September 11 was a response to years of attack and that the United States has been at war with Islam for many years.

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Saeed Shafqat

Saeed Shafqat discusses the roots of religious violence in Pakistan and the tensions between those who seek to be a part of the larger Muslim community and those who seek to be a part of the nation-state.

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Published: Oct. 18, 2001
Last modified:Sep 18, 2002