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The Euro Represents a Successful, Positive Step to Increase European Trade, Says Robert Mundell and Rodrigo Rato

University Professor and Nobel laureate Robert Mundell and Rodrigo Rato, economic minister of Spain, discuss the role of the European monetary union in a globalized world.

Richard Gardner
Richard Gardner

Richard Gardner Introduces Mundell and Rato
Former ambassador to Spain and law professor Richard Gardner introduces Rodrigo Rato, economic minister of Spain and a major contributor to the country's recent and much lauded economic success, and Robert Mundell, Nobel laureate, University Professor and influential economic thinker.

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Robert Mundell
Robert Mundell

The Euro Is an Important and Successful Currency, Says Mundell
Mundell discusses the pros and cons of the emergence of the Euro. He believes it will prove to be an "important and successful currency," increasing European trade and creating an alternative to the American dollar.

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Rodrigo Rato
Rodrigo Rato

This Generation Has the Task of Reconciling the Problems Associated with Globalization, Says Rato
The Euro represents the "change for the better" in the European and global economy over the last ten years, says Rato. However it is the task of this generation to not only reap the benefits of the past but also reconcile the problems brought with globalization, he says.

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Shot: Oct 01, 2002
Published: Nov 07, 2002
Last modified:Nov 06, 2002