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Europe and the Euro, Future Prospects Look Positive, Says SIPA Panel

The adoption of the euro is likely to create a greater sense of communality in Europe and push the European Union to become a more unified political entity, according to experts at a recent SIPA lecture sponsored by the Institute for the Study of Europe.

Irene Finel Honigman
Irene Finel Honigman

Euro Will Create Greater Sense of Communality Throughout Europe
Irene Finel-Honigman, a research scholar at Columbia's Institute for the Study of Europe, says the adoption of the euro will validate the "ideal Europe" and the ability to harmonize and consolidate economic, commercial, monetary and fiscal policy, creating a greater sense of communality on the continent.

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Jeffry Frieden
Jeffry Frieden

European Central Bank Represents Broad Political Spectrum
The European Central Bank, which controls the monetary policy for the 12 countries that adopted the euro, has proven to be an effective representative of a broad political spectrum that is reflective of public and business opinion in participating nations, says Jeffry Frieden, a professor at Harvard's Department of Government.

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Kathleen McNamara
Kathleen McNamara

Euro Likely to Impact Europe's Political Development
History shows that a common currency has a functional and symbolic impact on political development, says Kathleen McNamara, an assistant professor at Princeton's Department of Politics. This suggests the euro will push the European Union toward becoming a more unified political entity.

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Shot: Feb 28, 2002
Published: Apr 16, 2002
Last modified:Sep 18, 2002