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Laszlo Kovacs, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Hungary

Hungary Hopes to Join European Union, Enhance Stability in Central, Eastern Europe, Says Foreign Minister Laszlo Kovacs

The new Hungarian government, inaugurated last May, sees its historic mission as accomplishing Hungarian Euro-Atlantic integration, says Laszlo Kovacs, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Hungary, at a lecture sponsored by the Institute for the Study of Europe and the East Central European Center. With Hungary's inclusion in NATO since 1999, the government's top priority is to join the European Union, says Kovacs. Additionally, he says the government wants to enhance stability in Central and Eastern Europe by developing and maintaining good relations with neighbors and help ethnic Hungarians living in neighboring countries have a better life and maintain national, cultural and linguistic identity.

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Shot: Sep 12, 2002
Published: Oct 02, 2002
Last modified:Oct 01, 2002