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Global Economy Challenges Balance Between Economic Development and Intellectual Property Protections

The expanding global economy presents new challenges for protecting intellectual property. The challenge to policy makers is to balance competition and economic development with the rights of inventors. The panelists explore these issues against the backdrop of several different economic settings around the world.

Keith Maskus
Keith Maskus

Intellectual Property Rights: Case Study of Developing Nations
Keith Maskus, economics professor, University of Colorado at Boulder, looks at intellectual property rights and their effect on the economies of developing nations. He explores how stricter intellectual property protection can help these nations in the long term.

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Nicholas Lardy
Nicholas Lardy

The Impact of IPR Enforcement on China's Economy
Nicholas Lardy, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, analyzes China's recent attempts to enforce intellectual property laws and its impact on its bid to join the World Trade Organization.

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Stephen Chiang
Stephen Chiang

Collaboration and International Marketing Are Critical for Intellectual Property
Intellectual property was previously used to create a product, says Stephen Chiang, director of patent licensing at Boeing. Today intellectual property is the product. Chiang discusses the importance of thinking globally -- both in terms of the design and product teams and marketing. Collaboration, not competition, he says, is the key for success.

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Shot: Feb 15, 2002
Published: Mar 15, 2002
Last modified:Sep 18, 2002