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Israeli and Palestinian Experts Offer Perspectives on the Future of Oslo Accords

As the crisis in the Middle East escalates, Israeli and Palestinian academics discuss the impact of the Oslo process on their societies, and why it has thus far failed to achieve a lasting peace. This forum is sponsored by SIPA's Middle East Institute.

Issam Nassar
Issam Nassar

Political Reality of Israeli Polices Have Dashed Palestinian Hopes for Peace, Says Nassar
Issam Nassar, a professor at Al-Quids University, describes what Oslo meant for the Palestinian people. He argues that while many Palestinians were originally hopeful about the peace process, the political reality of Israeli policies dashed their hopes for peace.

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Yoav Peled
Yoav Peled

Israeli and Palestinian Fringe Elements Have Worked to Undermine the Oslo Process, Says Peled
Yoav Peled, a professor at Tel-Aviv University, discusses ways in which radical fringe elements on both sides have worked to undermine the Oslo process by turning public opinion against it. He argues that ultimately the moderate voices for peace will prevail because they are the only ones with a coherent plan to ensure regional security and economic prosperity.

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Shot: Apr 25, 2002
Published: May 21, 2002
Last modified:Sep 18, 2002