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University Research and Collaboration Lead the Frontier of Nanotechnology

Leading scientists from Columbia and research universities in Quebec came together for the Quebec-Columbia Nanotechnology Symposium, with the intention of forming collaborations on the frontier of nanoscale research in many disciplines and to learn about initiatives and funding in New York and Quebec.

Alain Caille
Alain Caille

Quebec Strives to be a Major International Partner in Nanotechnology
Alain Caille, Vice Rector of Research at the University of Montreal, offers an overview of Nano-Quebec, the research network founded in 2001 by the province's six research universities, saying the network's mission is to bring Quebec into a leadership position in research and development in nanoscience and nanotechnology both nationally and internationally.

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Michael Crow
Michael Crow

Partnerships Are Vital for Building Research Programs
Columbia Executive Vice Provost Michael Crow offers an overview of Columbia's research initiatives, explaining that Columbia's objective is to pool research initiatives to raise the potential and impact.

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James Murday
James Murday

Nanotechnology Leads to Biological and Medical Advancements
James Murday, superintendent of the chemistry division, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory and executive secretary of the U.S. National Science and Technology Council's subcommittee on Nanoscale Science, Engineering and Technology, says "if we understand the nanoscale, we are going to understand the underpinnings of biology and be able to accelerate what we can do in medicine and health."

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Shot: Apr 11, 2002
Published: Apr 29, 2002
Last modified:Sep 18, 2002