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First Amendment Panel Discusses Whose Rules Apply When Covering International News

As news coverage around the world grows increasingly difficult -- and critical -- three veteran editors discuss the challenges and dangers facing correspondents. "Reporting the World: Whose Rules," the most recent in a series of First Amendment Breakfasts sponsored by the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, explores specific issues facing the media abroad. Newsweek's Chief of Correspondence, Marcus Mabry, suggests factors such as consumers, commanders and conglomerates all play a role in what news is covered. Dave Marash, correspondent for ABC News/Nightline, emphasizes the value of the First Amendment concept to journalists overseas but cautions that the dangers of trying to enforce it are real. And David Schlesinger, executive vice president and editor of The Americas for Reuters, acknowledges the fundamental conflicts between the stated rules that the Western news agencies say they believe and the practicalities that many correspondents live in. Floyd Abrams, partner in Cahill Gordon & Reinde and William J. Brennan Jr. Visiting Professor in the Graduate School of Journalism, moderated the discussion.

Floyd Abrams
Floyd Abrams

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Panel Discussion

Marcus Mabry

Dave Marash

David Schlesinger

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Shot: Apr 03, 2002
Published: Apr 11, 2002
Last modified:Sep 18, 2002