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Jay M. Parker

Jean-Marie Guehenno

Juliette Bennett

Naomi Weinberger

Susan D. Moeller

Comprehensive Strategy for Rebuilding Is Key to Peace Operations

The challenge for the future of peacekeeping is how to balance the heavy footprints of a UN peace operation with the need to empower people, says Jean-Marie Guehenno, Under Secretary-General, UN Peacekeeping Operations. East Timor and Kosovo laid the foundation for the most important lesson in peacekeeping -- having a comprehensive strategy that addresses the rebuilding of society. Guehenno joined Juliette Bennett, director of International Peace Forum; David Malone, president of International Peace Academy; Susan D. Moeller, assistant professor of media and international affairs, University of Maryland; Jay M. Parker, director of international relations and national security studies for the U.S. Military Academy, and moderator Naomi Weinberger, director of Columbia's UN Studies program, in a panel discussion sponsored by the School of International and Public Affairs. The panel discussed lessons learned in previous peace operations, the changing nature of peace operations and their future.

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Shot: Apr 02, 2002
Published: May 09, 2002
Last modified:Sep 18, 2002