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Sachs, Parker, Morris Give Bush Administration Failing Grades for Economic Policy; Discuss War's Impact on Poverty

Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Earth Institute, suggests the reallocation of President Bush's $87 billion budget proposal for Iraq toward other economic interests such as alternative energy research and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS program. During a roundtable sponsored by the Columbia Faculty Peace Committee, Sachs calls for a commitment of $10 billion for Iraq and a U.S. military withdrawal within 12 months. Professors Richard Parker and Rosalind Morris join Sachs to discuss the Iraq war's impact on poverty.

Jeffrey Sachs
Jeffrey Sachs

The Current White House Administration is Flunking Economics 101, Says Sachs
Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Earth Institute and Quetelet Professor of Economics and International and Public Affairs, outlines three fundamental mistakes of the Bush administration. "First, they believe that military might can be turned into national economic advantage," he says. Secondly, he asserts that the administration is trying to buy national security through force, rather than assisting countries in finding their way through the complex and rough waters of globalization. Third, he says increased military spending while cutting taxes will result in massive future social service cuts and economic instability.

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Richard Parker
Richard Parker

Without Transforming Wealth Creation System, Battlefields of Iraq, Afghanistan Will Multiple and Human Suffering Increase, Says Parker
Richard Parker, professor of sociomedical science, asserts that one effect of globalization is a system of wealth generation designed to capitalize on the suffering of many in order to ensure the wealth and well-being of a privileged few closely linked elite networks around the globe. Without transforming this system, Parker says the battlefields of Iraq, Afghanistan and other places where the United States has chosen to exercise its military might will only multiple and the toll of human suffering will continue to rise.

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Rosalind Morris
Rosalind Morris

Giving Power to Those Controlling Resources of Interest to U.S. Will Worsen Plight of Iraqis, Says Morris
The fantasized termination of war in which power is handed to those who control the resources most desired by the United States will only worsen the predicament of ordinary men and women in Iraq, says Rosalind Morris, professor of anthropology and director of the Institute for Research on Women and Gender. It can only exacerbate inequalities as relatively few functioning social institutions are left to facilitate the distribution of wealth, she says.

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Jeffrey Sachs Response

Sachs Responds to Remarks by Parker and Morris

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Shot: Sep 17, 2003
Published: Sep 19, 2003
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