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Corporate Media Model Remains Priority Despite Public Concerns, Say Panelists

Growing competition and expansion in journalism and media contrasts with a public perception that media businesses seem to be merging into one major conglomerate, say panelists at a recent discussion, "Staying Alive: Media Mergers, Consolidations & Profits," hosted by the Graduate School of Journalism. Panelists affirm that the for-profit business model remains a high priority despite any concerns about journalistic integrity in a media market. Panelists include: Moderator Floyd Abrams, the William J. Brennan Visiting Professor of First Amendment Issues; Steven Rattner, founder and managing principal of the Quadrangle Group; Andrew Lack, then-president and C.O.O. of NBC, and Norman Pearlstine, editor-in-chief of Time, Inc.

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Shot: Dec 18, 2002
Published: Jan 23, 2003
Last modified:Jan 23, 2003