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Felix Rohatyn

A Coalition from City, State, National Levels Is Needed to Help New York Overcome its Fiscal, Social Crisis, Says Felix Rohatyn

"The political, business, and labor leaderships of New York showed their ability to overcome a serious crisis in 1975," says Felix Rohatyn, former U.S. ambassador to France and former chair of New York's Municipal Assistance Corporation. "[In the end] it required the creation of new institutions and extensive reforms, which fundamentally changed the way the city conducted business. The city now faces a fiscal and social crisis more severe than in '75. It can only be overcome if the appropriate coalition is mobilized at the city level, state level, and national level." Rohatyn offered SIPA's M. Moran Weston II Distinguished Lecture in Urban and Public Policy.

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Shot: Feb 27, 2003
Published: Mar 31, 2003
Last modified:Mar 28, 2003