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Diversity Recruiting Conference Covers Gender, Race, Ethnicity Issues

More than 50 employers convened on campus for the Diversity Recruiting Conference to alert students of all racial, ethnic and gender groups to career opportunities. In a special forum, speakers addressed the social and economic impact of the changing U.S. population and workforce.

Gary Okihiro
Gary Okihiro

For Decades, Immigration Policies Have Changed U.S. Workforce, Says Okihiro

Gary Okihiro, director of Columbia's Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, begins the discussion of the impact of America's changing demographics on both politics and individual lives. Since 1965, new policies led to increased immigration from Asian and Latin American countries.

Real (3:47) Video
Brian Welle
Brian Welle

Director of Research at Catalyst Says Gender-Diverse Companies Perform Better

Brian Welle, director of research at the non-profit organization Catalyst found that the representation of women in business did not change significantly in the last five years. Yet Catalyst did discover that gender-diverse companies perform better on average and, in general, provide a better experience for their employees.

Real (5:14) Video
Rodolfo de la Garza
Rodolfo de la Garza

Newcomers from Latin American Nations Will Alter Cultural Makeup of Workplaces, De La Garza Says

According to Rodolfo De La Garza, Columbia political science professor, America has always been a land of immigrants, but it has never had so many from one general area, sharing one language, as the recent Latin American entrants. Nothing about the Latin American immigrants fundamentally challenges the general American ethic, but there is a real possibility that they will change both the cultural composition and the workplaces of the nation, he says.

Real (10:44) Video
Richard T. Roberts
Richard T. Roberts

Minority Markets Will Continue to Strengthen, Says Goldman Sachs' Roberts

Minority markets are rapidly increasing in both size and buying power, says Richard Roberts, director of Goldman Sachs' Urban Investment Group. Hispanic markets alone have already become the major driving forces behind most of the major markets. As the strength and importance of minority buyers continues to grow, the rewards from investment and entrpeneurialship in those markets will continue to increase, Roberts says.

Real (9:56) Video

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Production Number: 269
Shot: Feb 05, 2004
Published: Mar 04, 2004
Last modified:Mar 03, 2004