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Columbia College and School of Engineering Admissions
Fall Admissions Statistics 2000-2011
Headcount Enrollment by School 2001-2011
Headcount Enrollment by School and Gender 2011
Headcount Enrollment by Ethnicity and Citizenship 2011
Full-time/Part-time and FTE Enrollment, by Degree Level 2011
Degrees & Certificates
Degrees & Certificates Awarded 2010-2011
Undergraduate Degrees by Program of Study
Columbia College 2010-2011
School of Engineering & Applied Sciences 2010-2011
School of General Studies 2010-2011
Tuition & Financial Aid
Tuition Rates by School 2006-2010
Institutional Grant Aid by School 2010
Undergraduate Term Bill: Tuition, Mandatory Fees, Room and Board 1990-2012

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