Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Resources

Program Plan Template & Instructions (.pdf, 58 kb)
Columbia University Student Learning Outcomes Assessment
Information for Developing Program Plans

Assessing Student Learning and Institutional Effectiveness (.pdf, 156 kb)
From Handbook for Periodic Review Reports
Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Articulates the criteria Middle States use to evaluate SLO assessment plans

Evaluating Student Learning (.pdf, 127 kb)
From Student Learning Assessment
Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Defines direct versus indirect methods of assessment, with examples

Creating Learning Outcomes (.pdf, 133 kb)
From Assessment Workbook for Academic Programs
University of Richmond Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Helpful guidelines for creating learning outcomes, with examples

Understanding MSCHE Expectations for Assessment (.ppt, 3.5 Mb)
Linda Suskie, Vice President, Middle States Commission on Higher Education
PowerPoint presentation delivered at the November 2010 Self-Study Institute

An overview of learning outcomes assessment  and accreditation