The Organization of Pakistani Students (OPS) was founded in 1992 with the hope of furthering diversity on the Columbia campus. OPS seeks to foster a sense of community amongst Pakistani students and reaches out to other students on campus through cultural, social, and political events.

Our organization hosts various events throughout the year including poetry readings (Mushaira Night), film screenings, panel discussions, and chai breaks. Our cultural events include Chamak, a fashion show that takes place in the fall semester, and Hungama, a mock wedding in collaboration with NYU that takes place in the spring.

Additionally, we host an annual conference Soch which aims to provide a platform to the activists, artists, intellectuals and entrepreneurs who are offering creative and innovative solutions to some of the challenges that Pakistan faces today. ​Visit the Soch website for more info.

Executive Board

Mehrose Ahmad


Gulshan Ashfaque

Vice President

Aisha Malik


Sumra Khan


Arooba Ahmed

Marketing Director


Mohammad Shah

Cultural Co-Chair

Sajjad Zafar

Soch Co-Chair

Fatima Minhas

Soch Co-Chair

Misbah Farooqi

Social Chair

Nandini Talwar

Cultural Co-Chair

Shahbaz Nadir

Grad Students Chair

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