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Who we are:

The Organization of Pakistani Students is a dually-recognized university group that seeks to bring together all members of the Columbia community who share our interest in accurately comprehending and conveying the socio-political milieu of Pakistan whilst indulging in its vibrant culture. The club was founded two decades ago with hopes of furthering understanding and diversity at our campus - and still strives to realize that vision today.

Students of Pakistani heritage have been a part of Columbia University since Pakistan's independence. Columbia was the site of one of the first formal Pakistani student associations in the United States and over the past five decades, multiple organizations representing Pakistani students have been a key part of campus life. OPS, established in 1992, is deeply rooted in the rich history of those organizations.

We host a variety of cultural, social and political events, such as our popular annual wedding ceremony, "Hangama", organized in partnership with NYU's PSA. Last year OPS sold out Roone Auditorium for a concert featuring prominent Pakistani band "Strings" and this year promises to bring new and exciting opportunities, so be sure to get involved and stay in the loop by subscribing to our Risaala and reaching out to board members!


How to reach us:

To contact OPS, please email ops@columbia.edu.