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How can I join OPS?
Easy! Simply visit our listserv page and join our mailing list. That way you'll be the first to hear about all of our events and announcements.


How do I contact the OPS Executive Board?
Send an email to ops@columbia.edu

Do I have to be Pakistani (or South Asian) to join OPS?
No, OPS is open to all students-regardless of ethnic background- who are interested in learning more about the Pakistani culture.

How can I help out with OPS?
Join our general committee and attend our general body meetings. Email OPS asking to be a member of our general committee.


What would I do if I joined OPS?
OPS is always open to volunteers for various events as dancers, food-servers, organizers, decorators, and publicists. Also, OPS is open to suggestions from the general committee.


Is there free food at events?
Yes, usually, and best of all our events are always open to all students. Come sample "authentic" Pakistani food.


What kind of events does the OPS hold and how often do you have them?
Every other week or so we sponsor or co-sponsor an event. We show movies,organize concerts, have our fashion show (Chamak), have study breaks, invite Columbia professors to give talks, hold round-table political discussions, throw Eid banquets, sponsor Iftaaris, and, of course, run Hangama, just to name a few. If you have any suggestions at all, please e-mail them to us!


What is Hangama?
Hangama is our annual mock South-Asian wedding/festival that takes place sometime in April, outside on the steps of Low Library. It involves a horse, a dhooli, traditionally dressed Pakistani/other people, and South-Asian food and music! To see Hangama in action, check out the Hangama section here.

Are you a religiously affiliated group?
OPS is a cultural organization, and we are not affiliated with any religious group. However, we do support MSA (Muslim Students Association) in some of their events.

What are housing options in Morningside Heights and can OPS help me to get on-campus housing?
Since we are an undergraduate student organization, OPS is not able to provide or find housing for students.


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