The Constitution of Orchesis

Mission Statement:
We are a club that endeavors to increase awareness of dance within the Barnard/Columbia community. We seek to provide a supportive and productive environment for the exploration of choreography and performance through staging productions, holding master classes, hosting social events and attending professional dance performances.  We resolve to create a framework within which:

A. Those interested in dance can obtain information about classes, performances, and choreographic opportunities both on and off campus.

B. Choreographers chosen from an application process each semester to have their work included in the showcase are guaranteed an hour and a half of rehearsal space in aerobics rooms, Dodge Fitness Center, Barnard Dance Department studios, or alternative campus spaces.

C. Orchesis members will teach one master class each week and at least once during the semester a professional will be hired to teach a master class(emphasizing those that are not offered through the University) for the membership as well as the University community.

D. Choreographers are chosen through an application and interview process to have their work included in the production each semester.  One choreographer must agree to accept all dancers not placed in other pieces and manage the “Group Piece”. All dancers who attend auditions are guaranteed to be placed in a piece, but necessarily one of their choice or one that fits into their schedule. A dancer may perform in a maximum of 4 pieces each semester.

E. The group also sponsors an independent project each year proposed by a choreographer(s) to create a show composed around a central theme. The project is produced and organized independently, however there must be a liaison appointed who attends weekly board meetings. All dancers  who participate in the project must perform in both the fall and spring Orchesis showcases.

F. Orchesis is a member of the Columbia University Performing Arts League. Orchesis must send two representatives to CUPAL meetings. Orchesis participates in the CUPAL Showcase each year. Orchesis encourages its choreographers to include their works in this showcase, other events on campus and in off campus performing opportunities.


Club Organization:

Orchesis is open to all those within the Barnard/Columbia community who are interested in dance and committed to the purposes and activities of the club. A registered member must ensure that his or her name is placed on the phone and E-mail lists.

Requirements for Nomination to the Executive Board:
A.  Nominee must have at least one semester as a performing member.

B.  Nominee must show concern for the group as a whole and dedication to the responsibilities of the office.

C.  Nominees for Chair and Show Coordinator:
1.  Must have previous Board experience.

2.  Are nominated and elected within the Board prior to the election of the rest of the Board.


Requirements of Office:

I.  Chair:
A.  Oversees all activities to make sure that Board members are performing their jobs.

B.  Coordinates weekly board meetings and writes the agenda for said meeting.

C.  Ensures that Board members make weekly progress reports.

D. Addresses suggestions and complaints.

E.  Makes sure that all decision/motions are legally voted on by the entire board before being executed.

F. Responsible for helping the choreographer in charge of Group Piece.


II.Show Coordinator:
A.   Responsible for finding, making contracts with, and following the guidelines of the theater space.  Must make sure that the contract is approved by the Office of Student Activities advisor and Treasurer before signing.

B. Responsible for hiring lighting designer, coordinating tech staff including sound board operator and stage managers. Oversees tech schedule and negotiates between tech staff and choreographers.

C.  Makes sure that the tickets for the show are printed and meet theater, University, and Treasurer's stipulations.

D.  Guides the choreographers and ensures that they adhere to time limitations and  guidelines. Holds choreographer meetings at least before auditions and after each Works In Progress.

E.  Organizes and runs Works-in-Progress Workshops and Dress Rehearsals.

F.  Ensures that all members who attend the audition are placed in a piece and contacted by a choreographer.

G.  Must attend at least one rehearsal of each piece.


III. Master Class Coordinator:
A. Organizes a weekly master class taught by an Orchesis member and hires a professional to teach a master class at least once a semester.

B. Responsible for obtaining contracts and checks for Master Class Instructors.


IV. Treasurer:
A. Prepares the yearly ABC/SGA request packets for the club's allocation.

B. Keeps clear records of the Orchesis budget.

C. Keeps copies of all E-forms, previous budget proposals, and contracts.

D. Records hours of pay for technicians and guest teachers; Makes sure that these people are paid in a timely manner.

E. Provides E-forms for the Board members.

F. Allots money to the Costume Coordinator for costumes

G. Check's the Treasurer's mailbox and keep in contact with financial services.

H. Ensures that all money acquired through performances is deposited into the general fund of the club and applied to the needs of the club.


V. Social Events Coordinator
A. Organize at least one trip to a professional dance performance each semester

B. Organize a cast party after each performance

C. Organize multiple small and large social events each semester.


VI. Archivist
A. Responsible for organizing and maintaining dancer files to be used at casting each semester.

B. Responsible for locating and hiring a photographer and videographer for the show each semester.

C. Responsible for compiling a photo album each semester and is responsible for providing photo and video copies.

D. Records minutes of the Board meetings; A copy of these minutes should be kept on file and given to each Board member at next meeting.

E. Maintains files that include the minutes, a list of Orchesis members' phone numbers and E-mail addresses, and a list of past and present choreographers.

F. Responsible for creating a program for the Orchesis production.


VII and VIII Public Relations Chairs- One PR Chair is responsible for all group events, master classes and information packets. The other is in charge of all PR relating to the show. Other responsibilities can be set up accordingly.

A. Responsible for organizing and leading the Public Relations committee

B.  Send phone and E-mail messages to club members.

C.  Keep an updated list of Performing and General members' phone numbers and E-mail addresses.

D. Design, copy, and distribute all posters, signs, and cards with the approval of cost by the Treasurer.

E. Makes sure that the banner is completed and turned in according to Barnard regulations.


IX.  Barnard Liaison:
A.  Responsible for reserving space for all choreographers who are using Barnard space.

B. Communicates regularly with the Barnard Dance Department advisor.

C. Ensures that bi-weekly meetings are set up with the Dance Department advisor.

D. Turns in the security list to the Dance Department and PE Department.

E. Reserve space for Banner above Barnard Hall.

F. Let all choreographers in PE and Dance Department Space know about regulations.  

G. Keeps Barnard College Activities informed of club activities.

H. Checks the Barnard mailbox weekly.


X. Columbia Liaison:

A.  Responsible for reserving space for Orchesis members on the Columbia campus.

B. Communicates regularly with the SDA and ABC faculty advisors.

C. Checks the Columbia mailbox weekly.


XI.  Costume Coordinator: 
A.  Works with the choreographers to find costuming options. 

B.  Obtains costumes upon choreographers' request and according to approval by Board.

C.  Keeps Treasurer informed about purchases.

D. Works Barnard Dance Department to borrow costumes  when necessary.

Appointed Position to the Board

XII. Special Project Liaison- The special project liaison is appointed by the choreographers of the project to represent their interests to the board and to obtain and provide relevant information  at board meetings
A. Report at Board meetings the weekly progress of the special project

B.  Represent the interests of the special project in all board discussions


Delegation of Responsibility:
A.  Each officer does not have to personally perform all of the responsibilities listed in the job description.  Tasks may be assigned to other members.  However, it is the officer's duty to ensure that each assignment is completed in a timely manner.


B.Formation of Committees:
1.In order to achieve the goal of getting more Orchesis members involved and to alleviate the duties of the Board, committees may be established.

2. Committees should be headed by a Board member.


Board Appointed Positions:

I. Webmaster

A. Update the web page and oversee the newsgroup.


II. Lighting Designer:

A. Must have substantial technical knowledge and experience.

B. Obtains equipment for the show (including lights, lighting board, booms, gels, etc.)

C.Works with choreographers to find best possible lighting options given the accommodations.


Yearly elections are to be held in December and the new Board members are installed immediately.The Board members hold office until the following December.  This term structure does not make it possible for seniors to run for office.  However, it does ensure that the previous officer has one full semester to properly train the successor. This system offers a smoother transition between Boards and prevents disruption of the club's activities.


I. Structure:

A. The positions of Chair and Show Coordinator are nominated and elected within the Board.

B.All other positions are nominated and elected by members at dress rehearsal for the fall show.

C. Although unable to run for office, returning seniors are allowed to vote because the new members will be in office for one semester of their senior year

D. Copies of the Orchesis Constitution must be made available at the election Members must understand the duties of an office before running for that position. Once elected, the officer is given a copy of the constitution to keep as reference.


II. Removal of an Officer:

A. Grounds for removal:
1. Failure to uphold the goals of the group as stated in the Mission Statement.

2..Failure to fulfill the duties as specified by the Constitution.

3. Failure to maintain a respectful and helpful manner toward other officers and members.


B.rocedure for removal of an officer:
1. If a violation occurs, it must be called to the attention of the officer during an official Board meeting. Should an officer commit three violations, removal from office is justified.

2. Removal is decided by the Board through an anonymous vote.

3. Should the majority of the Board not approve the removal of the officer, the officer may keep the position. Should other violations occur, the Board must vote again after each subsequent violation.

4. Should the majority of the Board approve the removal of the officer, the Board must officially elect a new officer as soon as possible.


III. Resignation of an Officer:
A. In the even that an officer resigns, he or she must continue performing the duties of the position until a replacement can be found.

B. The Board must officially vote on this replacement during the following Board meeting.

Changes in the Constitution:
Changes in the Constitution may be suggested by any member of the Orchesis community. The suggestion must be approved by an official Board vote before the Constitution can be amended. The Constitution must be made available to any club member.

Orchesis' Relationship with the Barnard Dance Department:
Orchesis and the Barnard Dance Department continue to maintain a mutually supportive relationship. The Dance Department offers rehearsal space, advice, and information, while Orchesis provides them with an alternative outlet for the rapidly growing dance community on the Barnard/Columbia campus. Within this affiliation:


A. The Barnard Liaison and the Dance Dept. must agree on a maximum number of hours a week that Orchesis may use studio space free of charge. However, Orchesis must understand that this space is not guaranteed; members of the Dance Dept. have priority.

B. Orchesis may borrow costumes from the Dept. When costumes are borrowed, an agreed sum of money is left as a deposit. This fee will be refunded if the costumes are cleaned and returned within the week following the show.

C. Orchesis is welcome to show pieces at the Dance Dept. Workshops provided that the Dept. regulations are followed

D. Orchesis will be able to attend the ACDFA Conference under the Dance Dept.'s membership, provided that the club pays a portion of the Dept.'s membership fee.

E. Orchesis is allowed to advertise club events in Dance Dept. space. Flyers must be approved by the Dept. before posting.