Urban Technical Assistance Project (UTAP) 
FY 1996 $158,000 
FY 1997 $158,000
Graduate Program in Urban Planning
Project Description and Goals: In July 1995 the Urban Technical Assistance Project (UTAP) was established within Columbia Universityís Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation under the auspices of the Graduate Program in Urban Planning. UTAPís mission is to provide urban planning technical assistance to inner city communities. UTAPís immediate focus is its work with the neighborhoods of Harlem to assist efforts toward revitalization. UTAP uses the resources of its Geographic Information System and the Columbia research community at large to aid New York City planning efforts related to community development and other activities. Types of technical assistance include project development, advanced GIS research, and in-service support (client training, survey implementation, and planning workshops, etc.) Student interns as well as faculty are employed by UTAP to work on projects that contribute to their professional training. UTAPís clients include community organizations in Harlem, Washington Heights, Inwood and the South Bronx, as well as in other areas within and outside the region such as Camden, New Jersey; Vieques, Puerto Rico; and Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Status and Accomplishments

FY 1995: In the Fall of 1995, UTAP began renovations to establish an off-campus office at 131st Street, between Broadway and 12th Avenue. The office is staffed by faculty, student interns, and a project manager. Projects and activities conducted by the project in FY 1995 include the following:

FY 1996: In 1996, UTAP completed its relocation to West 131st Street offices, expanded its GIS facilities and increased the involvement of graduate interns, faculty and expert consultants in various areas of community development including the application of planning technologies. UTAP maintained an interdisciplinary commitment to community-based organizations in Harlem, Northern Manhattan and the Caribbean. Specific activities include the following: FY 1997: The Neighborhood Partners Initiative of the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation further strengthened UTAPís relationship with community-based organizations in Harlem and the South Bronx with a grant for $162,000. UTAP was also involved with planning initiatives outside of New York as a partner with Rowan Universityís Institute for Public Policy conducting a study of the Camden, NJ waterfront. UTAP continued its program training workshops in computer applications for community development. Project Leader: Lionel McIntyre, Director, Graduate Program in Urban Planning