Columbia/Gotham Brain Oscillations Journal Club

administered by Joe Isler

The Brain Oscillations Journal Club consists of a core group of scientists in the Schroeder laboratory groups (Gotham Brain Dynamics Laboratory) and others at the Nathan Kline Institute and researchers in Columbia's Departments of Psychiatry, Neurology and Pediatrics. We've been meeting weekly since early 2005 to discuss papers relevant to our interests in the mechanisms and functional significance of neuronal membrane potential oscillations, across scales from single cell studies to scalp EEG and MEG.

We meet Thursdays at 4PM in room 4001 of the New York State Psychiatric Institute. Below is a partial roster of members and a list of papers we've discussed with links to their entries in PubMed. To be added to the mailing list, send an email to

Partial list of members
Nathan Kline Institute
Charles Schroeder
Pejman Sehatpour
Manuel Gomez-Ramirez
Peter Lakatos
Arnaud Falchier
Jose Herreo
Jordi Costa-Faidella

Columbia Psychiatry
Charles Schroeder
Craig Tenke, Psychophysiology
Alayar Kangarlu
Elana Zion-Golumbic
Lucia Melloni
Benjamin Morillon
Saskia Haegens
Niclas Kilian-Huetten

Columbia Pediatrics
Joseph Isler
Phil Grieve
Buddy Stark

Columbia Neurology
Cathy Schevon

NYU Center for Neural Science
Dino Dvorak

City College
Simon Kelly

Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
David M. Groppe
  • 29 May 2014
    Spatially distributed local fields in the hippocampus encode rat position Agarwal G et al., 2014.

  • 15 May 2014
    Attention in the real world: toward understanding its neural basis Peelen MV and Kastner S, 2014.

  • 24 April 2014
    Auditory stimuli mimicking ambient sounds drive temporal "delta-brushes" in premature infants Chipaux M et al., 2013

  • 3 April 2014
    Special talk by Ole Jensen: "Temporal coding organized by coupled alpha and gamma oscillations prioritizes visual processing"

  • 27 March 2014
    Bat and rat neurons differ in theta-frequency resonance despite similar coding of space Heys JG et al., 2013

  • 20 March 2014
    Grid cellswithout theta oscillations in the entorhinal cortex of bats Yartsev MM et al., 2011

  • 13 March 2014
    Local Entrainment of Alpha Oscillations by Visual Stimuli Causes Cyclic Modulation of Perception Spaak E et al., 2014

  • 6 February 2014
    Transition between fast- and slow gamma oscillation modes in rat hippocampus area CA1 in vitro is mediated by slow CA3 gamma oscillations Pietersen AN et al., 2013

  • 30 January 2014
    Attentional modulation of cell-class-specific gamma-band synchronization in awake monkey area v4 Vinck M et al., 2013

  • 12 December 2013
    A map of visual space in the primate entorhinal cortex Killian NJ, 2012.

  • 5 December 2013
    Mechanisms and functions of theta rhythms Colgin LL, 2013.

  • 21 November 2013
    A cellular mechanism for cortical associations: an organizing principle for the cerebral cortex Larkum M, 2013.

  • 24 October 2013
    Synaptic computation and sensory processing in neocortical layer 2/3 Petersen CC and Crochet S, 2013.

  • 3 October 2013
    Special talk by Corrie Camalier: "Auditory-motor interactions in humans and the case for a monkey model"

  • 26 September 2013
    Coherent delta-band oscillations between cortical areas correlate with decision making Nacher V et al., 2013.

  • 19 September 2013
    Deep cortical layers are activated directly by thalamus Constantinople CM and Bruno RM, 2013.

  • 12 September 2013
    Detection of Near-Threshold Sounds is Independent of EEG Phase in Common Frequency Bands Zoefel B and Heil P, 2013.

  • 5 September 2013
    A Neocortical Delta Rhythm Facilitates Reciprocal Interlaminar Interactions via Nested Theta Rhythms Carracedo LM et al., 2013.

  • 29 May 2013
    Special talk by Iris Groen: "Two stages in scene gist perception"

  • 15 May 2013
    A neural marker of perceptual consciousness in infants Kouider S et al., 2013.

  • 1 May 2013
    Oscillatory entrainment of primary somatosensory cortex encodes visual control of tactile processing Sieben K et al., 2013.

  • 3 & 24 April 2013
    Neurophysiological and Computational Principles of Cortical Rhythms in Cognition Wang XJ, 2010.

  • 27 March 2013
    The Theta-Gamma Neural Code Lisman JE & Jensen O, 2013.

  • 13 March 2013
    OLM interneurons differentially modulate CA3 and entorhinal inputs to hippocampal CA1 neurons Leao RN et al., 2012.

  • 6 March 2013
    Cross-frequency interaction of the eye-movement related LFP signals in V1 of freely viewing monkeys Ito J et al., 2013.

  • 27 February 2013
    High-learners present larger mid-frontal theta power and connectivity in response to incorrect performance feedback Luft CD et al., 2013.

  • 20 February 2013
    Reduced Occipital Alpha Power Indexes Enhanced Excitability Rather than Improved Visual Perception Lange J et al., 2013.

  • 13 February 2013
    Theta-associated high-frequency oscillations (110-160Hz) in the hippocampus and neocortex Tort AB et al., 2013.

  • 6 February 2013
    On high-frequency field oscillations (>100 Hz) and the spectral leakage of spiking activity Scheffer-Teixeira R et al., 2013.

  • 30 January 2013
    Neural syntax: cell assemblies, synapsembles, and readers Buzsaki G, 2010.

  • 23 January 2013
    The origin of extracellular fields and currents--EEG, ECoG, LFP and spikes Buzsaki G et al., 2012.

  • 16 January 2013
    Detecting causality in complex ecosystems Sugihara G et al., 2012.

  • 12 December 2012
    A precluding but not ensuring role of entrained low-frequency oscillations for auditory perception Ng BS et al., 2012.

  • 5 December 2012
    Content-specific fronto-parietal synchronization during visual working memory Salazar RF et al., 2012.

  • 27 November 2012
    Attentional stimulus selection through selective synchronization between monkey visual areas Bosman CA et al., 2012.

  • 14 November 2012
    Special talk by Iris Groen: "Predicting visual gist: from low-level statistics to single-image EEG differences in natural scene perception"

  • 10 October 2012
    Special talk by Helena Cousijn: "The neural correlates of schizophrenia risk gene ZNF804A"

  • 3 October 2012
    Direct recordings of pitch responses from human auditory cortex Griffiths TD et al., 2010.

  • 26 September 2012
    The pulvinar regulates information transmission between cortical areas based on attention demands Saalmann YB et al., 2012.

  • 19 September 2012
    Early cognitive experience prevents adult deficits in a neurodevelopmental schizophrenia model Lee H et al., 2012.

  • 12 September 2012
    Electrocorticography links human temporoparietal junction to visual perception Beauchamp MS et al., 2012.

  • 8 August 2012
    Neural population dynamics during reaching Churchland MM et al., 2012.

  • 1 August 2012
    Special talk by David Groppe: "Characterizing prominent frequencies of oscillations in human neocortex at rest: What types of frequencies do you see and where?"

  • 20 June 2012
    Asymmetric function of theta and gamma activity in syllable processing: an intra-cortical study, Morillon B et al., in press.

  • 13 June 2012
    Competing sound sources reveal spatial effects in cortical processing Maddox RK et al., 2012.

  • 6 June 2012
    Cross-frequency phase-phase coupling between # and # oscillations in the hippocampus Belluscio MA et al., 2012.

  • 30 May 2012
    Acetylcholine contributes through muscarinic receptors to attentional modulation in V1 Herrero JL et al., 2008.

  • 23 May 2012
    Gamma responses correlate with temporal expectation in monkey primary visual cortex Lima B et al., 2011.

  • 16 May 2012
    Temporal coherence in the perceptual organization and cortical representation of auditory scenes Elhilali M et al., 2009.

  • 9 May 2012
    Special talk by Elliot Smith: "Information flow in the ventral auditory processing stream"

  • 2 May 2012
    Mechanisms of Gamma Oscillations Buzsaki G and Wang XJ, 2012.

  • 25 April 2012
    Visual modulation of neurons in auditory cortex Kayser C et al., 2008.
    Visual enhancement of the information representation in auditory cortex Kayser C et al., 2010.

  • 11 April 2012
    Special talk by Valentin Wyart: "Rhythmic fluctuations in evidence accumulation during decision making in the human brain"

  • 28 March 2012
    Sound-Driven Synaptic Inhibition in Primary Visual Cortex Iurilli G et al., 2012.

  • 21 March 2012
    Rhythmic fluctuations in evidence accumulation during decision making in the human brain Wyart et al., (unpublished).

  • 7 March 2012
    EEG Phase Patterns Reflect the Selectivity of Neural Firing Ng BS et al., 2012.

  • 22 & 29 February 2012
    Saccade-related modulations of neuronal excitability support synchrony of visually elicited spikes Ito J et al., 2011.

  • 15 February 2012
    Theta coupling between V4 and prefrontal cortex predicts visual short-term memory performance Liebe S et al., 2012.

  • 1 February 2012
    Direct electrical stimulation of human cortex - the gold standard for mapping brain functions? Borchers S et al., 2011.

  • 26 January 2012
    What is the Functional Relevance of Prefrontal Cortex Entrainment to Hippocampal Theta Rhythms? Hyman JM et al., 2011.

  • 19 January 2012
    Oscillations in the prefrontal cortex: a gateway to memory and attention Benchenane K et al., 2011.

  • 12 January 2012
    How local is the local field potential? Kajikawa Y and Schroeder CE, 2011.
    Modeling the Spatial Reach of the LFP Linden H et al., 2011.

  • 15 December 2011
    Ready, set, reset: stimulus-locked periodicity in behavioral performance demonstrates the consequences of cross-sensory phase reset Fiebelkorn IC et al., 2011.

  • 8 December 2011
    A 4 Hz oscillation adaptively synchronizes prefrontal, VTA, and hippocampal activities Fujisawa S and Buzsaki G, 2011.

  • 1 December 2011
    Early gamma oscillations synchronize developing thalamus and cortex Minlebaev M et al., 2011.

  • 25 August 2011
    Functional brain network characterization and adaptivity during task practice in healthy volunteers and people with schizophrenia Weiss SA et al., 2011.

  • 18 August 2011
    Stimulus onset quenches neural variability: a widespread cortical phenomenon Churchland MM et al., 2010.

  • 11 August & 28 July 2011
    Neuronal synchrony reveals working memory networks and predicts individual memory capacity Palva JM et al., 2010.

  • 7 July 2011
    Endogenous electric fields may guide neocortical network activity Frohlich F and McCormick DA, 2010.

  • 30 June 2011
    Theta-gamma coupling increases during the learning of item-context associations Tort AB et al., 2009.

  • 9 & 16 June 2011
    The functional role of cross-frequency coupling Canolty RT and Knight RT, 2010.

  • 2 June 2011
    Oscillatory synchronization in large-scale cortical networks predicts perception Hipp JF et al., 2011.

  • 25 May 2011
    Large-scale microelectrode recordings of high-frequency gamma oscillations in human cortex during sleep Le Van Quyen, M et al., 2010.

  • 28 April 2011
    Frequency of gamma oscillations routes flow of information in the hippocampus Colgin, LL et al., 2011.

  • 21 April 2011
    Differences in gamma frequencies across visual cortex restrict their possible use in computation Ray and Maunsell, 2010.

  • 6 April 2011 (note we'll meet on Wednesday one last time in room 4002)
    Spatial spread of the local field potential and its laminar variation in visual cortex Xing, D et al., 2009.

  • 24 March 2011 (note we meet Thursday this week)
    Entrainment of neocortical neurons and gamma oscillations by the hippocampal theta rhythmn Sirota, A et al., 2008.

  • 9 March 2011
    Utility of independent component analysis for interpretation of intracranial EEG Whitmer, D et al., 2010.

  • 2 March 2011
    Local origin of field potentials in visual cortex Katzner S et al., 2009.
    Membrane potential and firing rate in cat primary visual cortex Carandini M and Ferster D, 2000.

  • 8 December 2010
    Local origin of field potentials in visual cortex Katzner S et al., 2009.

  • 1 December 2010
    Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Affects behavior by Biasing Endogenous Cortical Oscillations Hamidi M et al., 2009.

  • 27 & 20 October 2010
    The temporal structures and functional significance of scale-free brain activity He BJ et al., 2010.

  • 13 October 2010
    Special Seminar: Functional brain networks from human ECOG and fMRI data, Mingzhou Ding, PhD

  • 6 October 2010
    Stimulus contrast modulates functional connectivity in visual cortex Nauhaus I et al., 2009.

  • 10 June 2009
    Inhibition-based rhythms: experimental and mathematical observations on network dynamics Whittington MA et al., 2000.
    A beta2-frequency (20-30 Hz) oscillation in nonsynaptic networks of somatosensory cortex Roopun AK et al., 2006.

  • 27 May 2009
    Rhythm generation through period concatenation in rat somatosensory cortex Kramer MA et al., 2008.

  • 15 & 22 April 2009
    Temporal Interactions between Cortical Rhythms Roopun AK et al., 2008.

  • 1 April 2009
    The organizing principles of neuronal avalanches: cell assemblies in the cortex? Plenz D and Thiagarajan TC, 2007.

  • 18 March 2009
    Neuronal avalanches organize as nested theta- and beta/gamma-oscillations during development of cortical layer 2/3 Gireesh ED and Plenz D, 2008.

  • 11 March 2009
    Dynamic cross-frequency couplings of local field potential oscillations in rat striatum and hippocampus during performance of a T-maze task Tort AB et al., 2008.

  • 4 March 2009
    Local origin of field potentials in visual cortex Katzner S et al., 2009.

  • 25 February 2009
    Testing for nested oscillation Penny WD et al., 2008.

  • 18 February 2009
    Sharp edge artifacts and spurious coupling in EEG frequency comodulation measures Kramer MA et al., 2008.

  • 4 February 2009
    Microstructure of a spatial map in the entorhinal cortex Hafting T et al., 2005. (Also continued discussion of Burgess et al., 2007.)

  • 21 & 7 January 2009
    An oscillatory interference model of grid cell firing Burgess N et al., 2007.

  • 14 January 2009
    Phase relationship between hippocampal place units and the EEG theta rhythm O'Keefe J and Recce ML, 1993.

  • 3 & 10 December 2008
    Dynamics of event-related causality in brain electrical activity Korzeniewska A et al., 2008.

  • 5 November 2008
    Electrocorticographic gamma activity during word production in spoken and sign language Crone NE et al., 2001.

  • 22 October 2008
    Intelligence and EEG phase reset: a two compartmental model of phase shift and lock Thatcher RW et al., 2008.

  • 15 October 2008
    ECoG gamma activity during a language task: differentiating expressive and receptive speech areas Towel VL et al., 2008.

  • 8 October 2008
    A human intracranial study of long-range oscillatory coherence across a frontal-occipital-hippocampal brain network during visual object processing Sehatpour P et al., 2008.

  • 1 October 2008
    Interhemispheric correlations of slow spontaneous neuronal fluctuations revealed in human sensory cortex Nir Y et al., 2008.

  • 24 September 2008
    Good Vibrations: Cross-frequency Coupling in the Human Nucleus Accumbens during Reward Processing Cohen MX et al., 2008.

  • 17 September 2008
    High-frequency gamma activity (80-150Hz) is increased in human cortex during selective attention Ray S et al., 2008.

  • 20 August 2008
    Effect of stimulus intensity on the spike-local field potential relationship in the secondary somatosensory cortex Ray S et al., 2008.

  • 13 August 2008
    Cross-frequency phase coupling of brain rhythms during the orienting response Isler JR et al., 2008.

  • 23 July 2008
    Very slow EEG fluctuations predict the dynamics of stimulus detection and oscillation amplitudes in humans. Monto S et al., 2008.

  • 16 July 2008
    Mapping the Structural Core of Human Cerebral Cortex Hagmann P et al., 2008.

  • 9 July 2008
    Transient induced gamma-band response in EEG as a manifestation of miniature saccades Yuval-Greenberg S et al., 2008.

  • 2 July 2008
    Reduced Evoked Gamma Oscillations in the Frontal Cortex in Schizophrenia Patients: A TMS/EEG Study Ferrarelli F et al., 2008.

  • 25 June 2008
    Reference-free quantification of EEG spectra: combining current source density (CSD) and frequency principal components analysis (fPCA) Tenke CE and Kayser J, 2005.

  • 11 June 2008
    Phase patterns of neuronal responses reliably discriminate speech in human auditory cortex Luo H and Poeppel D, 2007.

  • 4 June 2008
    Interactions between membrane conductances underlying thalamocortical slow-wave oscillations Destexhe A and Sejnowski TJ, 2003.

  • 14 May 2008
    Reduced spike-timing reliability correlates with the emergence of fast ripples in the rat epileptic hippocampus Foffani G et al., 2007.

  • 7 May 2008
    Dynamic causal modelling of induced responses Chen CC et al., 2008. (note: not in PubMed yet, so link is to Science Direct.)

  • 30 April 2008
    Analysis of LFP phase predicts sensory response of barrel cortex Haslinger R et al., 2006.

  • 23 April 2008
    Topographic localization of electrocortical activation in newborn and two- to four-month-old infants in response to head-up tilting Grieve PG et al., 2005.

    Electrocortical functional connectivity in infancy: response to body tilt Grieve PG et al., 2007.

  • 16 April 2008
    Interictal high-frequency oscillations (100-500 Hz) in the intracerebral EEG of epileptic patients Urrestarazu E et al., 2007.

    Quantitative analysis of high-frequency oscillations (80-500 Hz) recorded in human epileptic hippocampus and entorhinal cortex Staba RJ et al., 2002.

  • 12 March 2008
    Large-scale gamma-band phase synchronization and selective attention Doesburg SM et al., 2007.

  • Some papers prior to March 2008
    The many faces of the gamma band response to complex visual stimuli Lachaux JP et al., 2005.

    Is perception discrete or continuous? VanRullen R and Koch C, 2004.

    A mechanism for cognitive dynamics: neuronal communication through neuronal coherence Fries P, 2005.

    New vistas for alpha-frequency band oscillations Palva S and Palva JM, 2007.