The Kant-miss debate of the year!

"Philosophers have a great deal to say about what is absolutely necessary to science, and it is always, so far as one can see, rather naive, and probably wrong."
--Richard Feynman, Nobel Prize-winning physicist

"Philosophy of science is about as useful to scientists as ornithology is to birds."
--Again, Richard Feynman

"Scientists are explorers. Philosophers are tourists."
--Guess who

"Seriously, guys, it's like philosophers are the little spoon, and real scientists are the big sp--"
"We fucking get it, Feynman."
--Richard Feynman and colleagues, introductory remarks presented before the National Colloquium on Quantum Mechanics, 1973

The PHILOLEXIAN SOCIETY opens its copy of The Social Contract, reads a page or two, gives up, lights a joint, and invites you to its fifth debate of the semester.

RESOLVED: Philosophers are just lazy scientists.

WHEN: This Thursday (10/7) at 8:30. Rephreshments to precede the meeting.

WHERE: The Satow Room, Lerner Hall

Please also note that there will be a professor tea (postponed from two weeks ago) this Friday (10/8) at 2:15 p.m. with Philip Kitcher--gentleman, scholar, and, appropriately enough, philosopher of science. The tea will be held on the third phloor of Hamilton Hall, room T.B.D. Since the exact location likely will not be decided until the time of the event, anyone interested in hearing Professor Kitcher speak should walk into Hamilton on Friday afternoon and look for signs pointing the way.

See everyone on Thursday. Remember, it's categorically imperative that you all attend.

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