Since the dawn of civilization, man has been asking the same eternal questions about the meaning of life, the implications of mortality, the strange phenomenon of consciousness and the yet stranger one of love, and the meaning of 42. Nonetheless, one remains yet unanswered, the one question more important than all others. (the links actually work

A historic moment is upon us. Once and for all, we are to resolve the oldest conflict known to humanity. Friendships will be lost, families destroyed, the world shall hinge on ultimate destruction, but in our final moments, as we approach the end, we will know.

Thursday Feb 2. You know what's coming.


Kachawshhh! Consider Yourselves whipped.

At my mercy, You (aka El Whippo)

P.S. In the case that You encounter formatting errors when You open the link, I have attached a PDF with the appropriate set of webpages for the site of Your choice. I did not include the entire set of citations because screen-shotting and then PDFing that requires too much boredom even for me. Also, more importantly, "citations are for NERDS" (Marx & Engels 1848).

P.S.S. The articles are worth reading

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