"Remember, Jove, thou wast a bull for thy Europa; love set on thy horns. O powerful love! that, in some respects, makes a beast a man, in some other, a man a beast."
--Falstaff, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Act 5, Scene V

"The wise man satisfies his beast before sitting down to dinner himself."
--Hebrew proverb

"One interpretation of the saying is that a virtuous man attends to the needs of his dependents before his own. Of course, the 'beast' could also be understood to represent the man's baser desires, which he must satisfy before focusing on more meaningful pursuits."
--Critical response to proverb, unidentified Hebrew scholar

"Get it? Get it? He 'satisfies' his 'beast'! Get it?! Snort"
--Critical response to proverb, unidentified college student

And the quotation that started it all...

"I'm not an animal. I can't be seduced."
--[Beezly Kiernan] (scholar, heartbreaker, and phull Philolexian) on why he frequently refuses dates with attractive women

The PHILOLEXIAN SOCIETY purrs, rolls over on its back, and frantically paws the air, looking at you with big, sad eyes until you agree to attend its eighth debate of the semester.

RESOLVED: Seduction is for animals.

WHEN: This Thursday (10/28) at 8:30. Beggin' Strips to precede the meeting.

WHERE: Hamilton Hall, room T.B.D. (Look for signs pointing the way.) Please note that we will NOT be meeting in Lerner this week.

Get ready for some phero-moaning.

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