PILF Board of Directors

The student members of the Board of Directors are elected on an annual basis by the members of PILF. The faculty representatives are elected to the Board for a one year term and alumni representatives are elected to serve two year terms. The Board meets monthly during the academic year.

For more information about the Board or how to become involved with the Board of Directors, please e-mail pilf@law.columbia.edu.

2013-2014 Board Members:

Georgina Yeomans (President) (georgina.yeomans@law.columbia.edu)
Eric Konopka (Treasurer) (eric.konopka@law.columbia.edu)
Lane Feler (VP, Fundraising/Auction) (lane.feler@law.columbia.edu)
Carrie Tirrell (VP, Fundraising/Auction) (carrie.tirrell@law.columbia.edu)
Dee Kuchukulla (VP, Fundraising/Annual Dinner) (deekshita.kuchukulla@law.columbia.edu)
Mary Dohrmann (VP, Fundraising/Annual Dinner) (mary.dohrmann@law.columbia.edu)
Michael Pfautz (VP, Communications & Publications) (michael.pfautz@law.columbia.edu)
Matthew Delgado (VP, External Relations) (matthew.delgado@law.columbia.edu)
Nell Ethridge (VP, Membership) (helen.ethridge@law.columbia.edu)
Claire Blakey (VP, Membership) (claire.blakey@law.columbia.edu)

3L Representatives: Hannah Kim, Sarah Krieger, Corinna Provey

1L Representatives: Gregg Badichek, Bradley Silverman, Brian Yin

1L Appointees: Sarah Chen, Linda Moon, Daniel Pedraza, Stephen Yanni

Alumni Members: John Bennett, Michael Clements, Sandra Flow, Courtney Howard, Elizabeth Kellner

Faculty Members: Peter Strauss, Jane Spinak

SJI Representative: Kiran Singh