PILF Board of Directors

The student members of the Board of Directors are elected on an annual basis by the members of PILF. The faculty representatives are elected to the Board for a one year term and alumni representatives are elected to serve two year terms. The Board meets monthly during the academic year.

For more information about the Board or how to become involved with the Board of Directors, please e-mail pilf@law.columbia.edu.

2015-2016 Board Members:

George Tepe (President) (george.tepe@law.columbia.edu)
Erica Che (Treasurer) (erica.che@law.columbia.edu)
Rachael Siegel (VP, Community Grants) (rachael.siegel@law.columbia.edu
Angelica Tillander (VP, Fundraising/Auction) (angelica.tillander@law.columbia.edu)
Liz Taylor (VP, Fundraising/Auction) (elizabeth.taylor@law.columbia.edu)
Zidong Liu (VP, External Relations) (zidong.liu@law.columbia.edu)
Vicken Antounian (VP, Membership) (vicken.antounian@law.columbia.edu)

3L Representatives: Dan Pedraza, Stephen Yanni and Vicken Antounian

1L Representatives: Patricia Okonta, Victoria Recalde and Beulad Agbabiaka

Appointees: Hannah Weichbrodt

Alumni Members: Sandra Flow, Elizabeth Kellner

Faculty Members: Peter Strauss, Jane M. Spinak

SJI Representative: Laren Spirer